Experience APIs Development Facilitating Market Expansion

APIs development project to grow through 3rd party collaborations
Customer location
Project duration:
  • 1 year (ongoing)

Client and Business Goals

A US carrier approached Symfa with a few digital transformation projects. The company headquartered in New York, had long planned to give its legacy systems a boost, given the harsh competition in the industry.

The customer turned to us with a view to leverage our expertise in API-led connectivity. The architecture of the customer’s core system was to undergo a total rehau. API-led connectivity was an architecture approach of the client’s choice as the client wanted to leave their core systems intact to minimize potential risks.

This project implied building a series of public experience APIs. Each API was to be designed to match a certain type of the carrier’s product. The APIs allow third party’s agents to use our customer’s infrastructure to automate sales. Thus, third parties can create quotes and bind them without logging into the core systems of our client. In such a manner, they represent our client, keep their business growing and get the infrastructure that they would otherwise have to build themselves.


The solution is primarily designed to expand the customer’s market coverage through partnerships with external agencies. The agency becomes an official representative of our client in exchange for the access to their infrastructure which is granted via APIs. Through the APIs, the agency gets connected to the backstage process of the sales within our client’s company (resale, bucket lists, supply chains, etc.) and gets their margin accurately calculated.

The distributed team includes a PM, Team lead and two middle developers from the Symfa side, while from the client side it’s 2 BAs, project coordinator, 2 developers and 4 QAs. The client provides all the project infrastructure.


  • .NET
  • RAML
  • MS SQL


A relatively simple endeavor, the project is becoming a never-ending story as more and more customer’s products are getting their APIs ready. This is a win-win both for our client as API’s guarantee expansion in the market and for third parties getting easy access to the big player’s infrastructure.

Likewise on any other project for this carrier, the Symfa team adopted the client’s processes seamlessly, largely due to a long list of joint projects and relationship of trust between the client and the vendor. The distributed team has daily syncups in MS Teams to plan the workload and clarify the points that need extra attention.

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