Things you should know before starting a BI/ETL development project

Make sure you know the basics of the BI/ETL development and pitfalls to avoid beforehand


Planning your BI/ETL project? Here are the core things for the business owners to know about BI and how it’s built.

Business Intelligence is nowhere new, yet it isn’t mainstream either. A growing number of companies are finding the courage to dip a toe into these waters, but rarely do they find the courage to plunge. This Profile outlines the basics you should know in order to start your BI/ETL project with confidence.

Besides the description of our in-house ETL development practices and real case studies, the Profile shares professional notes and tips from our BI Lead and Head of JS Department.


Here’s what it takes to make a good start for your BI project: get the Symfa ETL/BI expertise profile and enjoy your flight.