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Hello and welcome to Symfa! Get to know us better and learn what makes us, an international software service provider, an inspired team and a reliable partner with a unique attitude.


Who we are

We are motivated software engineering professionals.
We have confidence, we have ambitions, but they do not scream about themselves, do not distract us from our main goal – to help clients cope with the changing circumstances.
We know how to orchestrate diverse processes.
And even if there’s chaos around, we will find a way to streamline it and reach the goal.
We are a harmonious team.
We listen to the client and each other, we are on the same wavelength. We develop subtle interactions, so that our teams of any size, even very large ones, always work in unison.

Our mission

We delve deeper into your challenges in order to precisely configure and seamlessly integrate into your business the best tech expertise, in order to discover and bring to life the optimal solution to any task together with you, even when it is not obvious.

What makes us


What we do is not just programming. We help our clients orchestrate their digital transformation.

Global Local Delivery Paradigm

Symfa strongly adheres to the top standards of distributed software engineering team management and it helps us find and mobilize the most competent software talents globally. We assemble scalable software engineering teams who quickly and accurately resolve your problems. This is possible thanks to the diverse tech skills and integrated domain expertise of our team coupled with flexible and adjustable processes.
At the same time, we have a gust of synchronization and communication with the client. We enable seamless integration between our teams, the inhouse teams and stakeholders on the client side. As a result our clients enjoy the full control, homelike project management experience and the comfort of a local team. In early 2022 we surveyed our clients and they consider our approach and attitude to be our differentiator. We call it the Global Local Delivery Paradigm.
Orchestrate the ChangeOrchestrate the ChangeOrchestrate the Change



We started as a team of three and focused on web design and development.


Transformed into a custom software engineering service provider.


Launched an agency profile at Upwork which is multi-million now.


Turned from a domestic into an international company by opening our first foreign office.


Moved our European headquarters to Warsaw, Poland.


Established Insurance Competency Center.


Launched the global Symfa HQs in Alexandria, VA, USA.


Sergey Galuza

Sergey Galuza


Barcelona, Spain

Vitaly Yurkevich

Vitaly Yurkevich


Alexandria, VA, USA

Tatiana Shesterikova

Tatiana Shesterikova

Head of Account Management

Warsaw, Poland

Anna Aleksina

Anna Aleksina

HR Director

Krakow, Poland

Alex Tsuranov

Alex Tsuranov

VP Delivery

Tbilisi, Georgia

Victoria Mishina

Victoria Mishina

VP Engineering

Tallinn, Estonia

Stan Skavronsky

Stan Skavronsky

Sales Executive

Warsaw, Poland

Alena Busko

Alena Busko

Sr. Marketing Director

Vilnius, Lithuania

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