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Turn raw data into insightful business models.
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Machine learning solutions development for day-to-day problem solving

Reduce costs and man-hours through business-optimized automation systems. With smart Machine Learning development techniques as our power weapon, we can make the entire operational cycle times easier and faster, be it manufacturing, goods allocation or customer support.

Big data analysis

By combining BI and data science, we transform reactive approach to tasks into proactive. Define relevant info channels, design pipelines, retrieve and crunch unexploited data to discover patterns and discrepancies, extract informed suggestions, and yield profits.

  • Financial performance analysis
  • Data mining, cleansing, modeling, transformation
  • Anomaly detection & reporting
  • Disparate asset integration
  • Prescriptive/ predictive analytics & maintenance
  • Personalized sales & marketing

Chatbots & conversational assistance

To enable real-time control over your product or project progress, we build chatbots aiding in continuous deployment. The Symfa team can also deliver conversational platforms improving your CX toolset, reducing customer waiting time, streamlining support and back-office efficiency.

  • Chatbots & conversational interfaces
  • User-bot contextual dialogues
  • Bot-driven conversations
  • Integration with external voice assistants
  • Messenger apps support
  • Deployment to existing mobile or web apps

OCR & computer vision

Let’s devise OCR-based app architectures that enable delegating repetitive field-related tasks to error-resistant mechanisms. Tap the potential of multi-source imaging and video data, classify and label it, and get a breakthrough solution rocking the market or revamping your business.

  • Doc, text & object recognition
  • Image segmentation
  • Video & motion tracking
  • Visual scene modeling
  • Biometric authentication
  • Image or scene reconstruction

AI-powered route planning

For logistics and supply chain parties, sharing economy, social, and sports projects, we build automated routing tools. Think ahead to settle transfers smarter, avoid idle time, define the fastest and top efficient stops sequence while minimizing mileage and drive time.

  • Intermodal & multimodal shipment support
  • Telematics & mobile routing optimization
  • Driver/user & data tracking
  • Real-time communication & connectivity
  • Precise arrival windows calculation
  • Proof of delivery functionality

Speech recognition (ASR)

Whether you ideate on a unified messaging or a voice-enabled mobile app, you’ll need to have written information translated into aural. We’ll help convert speech into text for better searchability, fine-tune spoken language recording or integrate existing voice assistants.

  • Speech synthesis & emulation
  • Text-to-speech & speech-to-text conversion
  • Multi-language live translation
  • Text analysis & сlassification
  • Audio data retrieval & filtering
  • Sentiment analysis

Getting technical: our Machine Learning development services

To help you leave micro-management headaches behind and trigger business growth, ask us to self-teach your enterprise systems and get disparate digital assets structured. On top of nailing ad hoc requests, we help ideate on new ML apps or build and deploy fully-fledged products and modules as part of your infrastructure in place.
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Be it insurance, supply chain, finance or education — we take multi-faceted Machine Learning products and standalone layers off the ground. The secret sauce will be consistent analytics, slick and undemanding interaction scenarios, and intuitive controls.

ML product ideation & modeling

To support your enterprise-specific undertakings or investor engagement initiatives, we can help you through first phases, nice and easy. The team will analyze the market and business aspects, flag risks if any, contextualize data, and offer a concise tech overview.

Selected case studies: machine execution, human touch

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Once again, how do you guarantee you get a flawless ML-powered solution? We ground our machine learning application development approach upon uncompromising compliance to tech and competition requirements. Check out this FAQ section for a quick overview of our best ML practices.
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How do your ML systems ensure targeted troubleshooting?

How do you make sure your software boasts rock-solid performance?

I need the most accurate assessment for my to-be ML-powered system. How can you help me?

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