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We are an international custom Business Intelligence company delivering BI software since 2008. Our deep industry knowledge and an ample talent pool of 250+ engineers allow us to deliver efficient smart solutions that fuel your business growth.

Our Business Intelligence services

Explore our BI services that we have refined over the years to match your needs best.
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Custom ETL/ELT & Business Intelligence tools

Build a solution that caters to your specific business needs. Unify the data flow from your CRM, ERP, CPQ and other systems you use. Cleanse and transform the data to enjoy well-structured insights whenever you need them. We deliver with utmost security, scalability, and efficiency in mind.

ETL/ELT & BI tools integrations & customization

Combine several ETL/ELT tools in a single system with a common interface. Enjoy the synergy of data sources.

Customize Power BI, Tableau Desktop, or any other 3rd party platform to make it the BI software tailored to your needs.

Data Warehouse Lifecycle Automation

Symfa is ready to become in charge of your warehouse automation project. Our scope of WH automation includes ETL and ETL data integration, source data modeling, connectivity, and more. Enjoy best industry practices, top-notch technologies, and immediate value generation.

Business Intelligence Consulting

Be it legacy modernization or a solution you want delivered from ground-up, come share your plans with us. Our business intelligence consulting services help our clients settle data extraction, integration and warehousing issues, streamline BI testing and implementation.

Our BI Architects and seasoned engineers will guide you through every step of a custom BI solution design – from ETL, to warehousing, to data visualization. Contact us for more on our best tried and tested practices to utilize in your BI system.

Choose the Business Intelligence software platform

Whether it is an End-to-end enterprise solution, a Mobile BI application, or a two-in-one option that you need, we can do it in strict compliance with your requirements, budget and set timeframes.

Power BI Integration

Enrich your Microsoft ecosystem with a new mighty tool. Power BI fits so well into the Microsoft tool suite and allows cool synergy with Exchange, Office 365, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Excel, Cortana, Teams as well as 3rd party systems. Powerful backend for hassle-free extracting, transforming and loading. Robust frontend to take advantage of visualization capabilities.

Migrate to Power BI from your legacy software

We are here to help you with your ambitious migration from legacy to Power BI tool. Frictionless connection to Excel, Text/CSV, Access DB, Oracle Database, IBM DB2, MySQL DB, and PostgreSQL DB via native Microsoft connectors/Power BI API integration. For more data sources, we develop custom connectors. Cloud-based, it requires no infrastructure expenditure and scales as you go.

Power BI Customization according to your needs

Tailor-made BI delivered right to your office door. Start with a deep business analysis of your business requirements. Our BAs present them in a neat and clear way for  seamless development and deployment. During the post-deployment period, as you enjoy new-gen analytics with Azure ML, SQL Server-based Analysis Services, and real-time data streaming, we stand our guard to ensure your smooth transition to Power BI.

From Desktop to Online, to Mobile, Embedded Analytics and beyond

Connect and work with your cloud/on-premises data (including Salesforce integration, Slack integration, etc.) via your preferred channel. Power BI is available to your business as Power BI Mobile, Power BI Desktop, and Power BI Online. Share your compelling visualizations with your customers and make them available for your app users through Power BI Embedded Analytics.

Tableau Integration

Tableau comes into play where Power BI is not enough (larger data sets) or there simply may be restrictions on moving your data to the cloud. Acquired by Salesforce, Tableau matches with it perfectly if Salesforce integration is your primary goal. Merge your Salesforce and BI capabilities, add on alerts and notifications in Slack upon reaching a preset threshold. Our developers are top ETL migration experts and dashboard development gurus to get those insights for you that otherwise would have escaped your eye.

Why choose Tableau Integration for my business?

  • More engaging visuals, allowing you to stand out with your visualizations
  • Community and collaboration focus
  • Tableau prep builder to shape and transform your data
  • Sharing data online/Tableau server
  • No steep learning curve to master complex DAX language for Power BI

What Tableau customization options are out there?

We create custom connections to data on the web to bring more insights for you. Select the Tableau product(s) you need and have it tailored to your needs.

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Mobile
  • Tableau Prep
  • Tableau Online

Born to manage big data

Unlike Power BI, with Tableau it feels much more comfortable dealing with larger data sets.

Great DB support

Tableau makes it easy to work with SQL, Amazon Redshift, Oracle and more

Multiple data formats

Excel, PDF, Text files, JSON, Google Analytics, Amazon Redshift, Dropbox, Cloudera, Google Sheets, etc.

BI solutions deployment options we offer for you

Data management services to complement our BI offerings

Before signing up for a BI project, make sure your vendor knows well how to manage the data that will shape your company’s future for months to come. Have a quick look at the data management services we provide as part of our BI offerings.
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Industries we serve

Business intelligence development is a complex thing. Yet, it is nowhere as complex as domain knowledge. Check out below for the domains that we’ve mastered, such as business intelligence for financial services, insurance and more.

BI team onboarding process

For the project to take off within a couple of weeks, the team alone is not enough. The team onboarding processes and efficient knowledge transfer are what matter most. Our processes and approach to work are mature and fine-tuned so that the Symfa team promptly gets the ins and outs of your domain specifics and immediately starts delivering value.

Technologies we use


Raw Data Transformation Pipeline

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions.
We have answers.

Check out the most common questions that our customers ask. Haven’t found the issue that’s bothering you? Drop us a line in the Contact form and we’ll be back with the response before you know it!
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I’d like to start small with a limited functionality set, but leave room for future growth. Can you do that?

Can you run the ETL processes and implement BI software into my legacy system?

My project implies multiple specific integrations. How good are you at that?

Does your ETL/BI tool have some industry limitations?

Can you customize a paid BI tool to my liking in order to overcome some of its shortcomings?

We’re your safe harbor for a challenging project

Opt for outstanding ETL migration experts with profound dashboard development expertise. We’re an international team of seasoned experts who make strategic plans a reality for global players.

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