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Get to know your vendor and our smart delivery practices that guarantee our clients smooth delivery throughout the years of partnerships.
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Smart end-to-end delivery practices

Symfa is the right place for you to get your software development project done. Stay with us to get to know your future vendor and our smart approaches.
We offer accurate estimates, best methodologies and pricing models, deep expertise from our 250+ talents and international projects in a team of local comfort.

Project Analysis & Estimation

Presales Estimation under a closer look

Presales Estimation ends up in a Project Charter and a Proposal Document. The estimates in the Proposal are based on our historical knowledge of the resource allocation on the projects of various scales documented in an Estimation Guide.

Why Discovery & Elaboration is your best choice?

In contrast to the Presales Estimation, Discovery & Elaboration gives 100% precise estimates as the whole dedicated team – from BA to QA and DevOps – is engaged in evaluation of your to-be system.

Ultimate precision for your project estimates

Extended dedicated team (PM, BA, Tech Lead, QA Lead, UI/UX Designer, DevOps) and reliable deliverables that stay with you. Zero risks.

Full documentation package (SRS, SAD, Test plan, and App Design)

Besides adequate SRS and SAD, as part of the Discovery and Elaboration phase, our clients get a Test plan, Application Design/Interactive Prototype (upon request) and Proof of Concept (if it makes sense in a given situation). The whole phase takes only 2 weeks for smaller projects and under 3 months for bigger ones.

Senior experts in the relevant domain and technology

For maximum accuracy, we always engage only senior experts in the relevant technology (JS, .NET, Node JS) and domain area (Insurance, Finance, HoReCa, Healthcare) of your project.

How we get your team ready for you

Some of our clients want to actively participate in the team assembly process, and we always encourage them to do so. In case you are too busy implementing your strategic objectives, we can build your dream team for you. We select those from our engineers who in our opinion will best match your project needs (hard & soft skills, domain knowledge, previous experience).

Test run

Before you sign up for a long-term project, you have your Two-Week Trial Period, when you get to know our teams and see them in action. In case we don’t live up to your expectation, you abort the project, no questions asked!

What a test task means

  • A small code section that our talent writes for you as a home assignment or done immediately during the interview. 
  • A limited scope of work on your existing project/code review, etc.

How you meet for an interview

We always set the talent interview for our clients in case they ask for it. Thus, your Tech Lead can check the core skills of our talents themselves, should you have any doubts.

  • Tech skills
  • Soft skills
  • English level

How we select the engineers for the interview

Before the interview, we send you:

  • Talent CV
  • Team CV 

Ask for a test task to make sure the engineer is the right fit.

How we get our in-house talents ready for you

For the in-house engineers available right away we set a PM screening to double check that the talent’s domain knowledge and hard & soft skills match the project requirements.

How we hire new talents for you

If we start a talent acquisition pipeline for you, for the new candidates we set:

  • Technical interview with our leading tech experts
  • Soft skills testing with HRs
  • English level test for all new talents

Time & Material (T&M)

T&M means flexibility and is an ideal match for Scrum/Kanban projects. You don’t have to know each step of yours in advance. Change requirements and the whole development course as you need it. As it happens a lot, a better idea comes later in the project, and we can start implementing it already next sprint!

Fixed price (FP)

More often than not, fixed price is initiated by the client, and we see why. You want to see a set price in order to plan the spendings, so we made the estimation process for the fixed price projects as transparent and low-risk as possible.
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Cooperation models

Client needs vary, so we developed three different options that will be the best match for whatever situation you may find yourself in.

How we ensure project management, visibility & transparency

We seamlessly adopt your processes, keep those documents that you consider necessary and duplicate all the key project details in our own Project Charter. See below for more.



Best ways to get to know us

Besides the Two-Week Trial Period during which we plunge into the project details and adopt your processes, there are four sure ways to get to know us.


Our clients do appreciate our attention to detail and true commitment, but it doesn’t really make sense without our ability to write impeccable code and be there with our extra resources the moment you need it. Below are your most acute questions answered in plain English.
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How do your developers ensure code quality?

How do you test your own code?

We want your DevOps engineer to take care of our infrastructure. Can you do that?

How do you ensure scalability?

Do you care about your talents growth?

Two-Week Trial Period

We are looking forward to becoming a part of your project! So that our partnership starts smoothly, we offer our clients a Two Week Trial Period. During 14 days we’ll be thoroughly studying the existing documentation and processes within your organization.
Our BAs are eager to help you polish it if your documentation requires some extra attention before the project rolls out. This will be an ideal opportunity to streamline our workflows and become a natural extension of your team. Transparent and risk-free cooperation is at the core of the Symfa smart approach.

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