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Battle-tested DevOps practices and mature DevOps strategies to help you deliver your code faster, safer, and with better quality.

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Struggling with infrastructure configurations and deployment and resource optimization? Symfa is a DevOps services provider to accompany your system at all stages of the SDLC.

Shift Cloud environment configurations and maintenance, resource optimization, and infrastructure orchestration on our shoulders to concentrate on your business goals in full.

DevOps consulting services

Use our expertise accumulated over 15 years in software and DevOps strategy development to boost the quality of your product and services. Together, we uncover the hidden vulnerabilities and inefficiencies of your software delivery process, maximizing DevOps automation and change visibility.

Let’s build a detailed DevOps roadmap to ensure your technical maturity and futureproof your business against vendor lock-in, through-the-roof costs or data loss on ERP, CRM or Business Intelligence projects, where data availability is paramount.

Cloud DevOps consulting

Improve your DevOps vision to avoid vendor lock-in and boost technological maturity.

  • Cloud adoption strategy
  • Cloud cost optimization planning
  • Data transfer and management
  • Technology roadmap
  • DevSecOps roadmap
  • Hybrid data center upgrade and management consulting

DevSecOps consulting services

For a reliable and safe system operation, we offer

  • Security audit for cloud infrastructure and on-prem data centers
  • Monitoring and observability tools selection and setup
  • Selection and setup of a security automation system (security patching, container registry and security analysis, permission settings and access rights)

DevOps strategy and audit for cloud-based data centers

You may start with a simple lift and shift, but true cloud adoption is more than that. We can help you with:

  • Future-proof cloud adoption strategy
  • Rehost (or lift and shift), replatforming, refactoring, relocation and repurchasing
  • Cloud cost optimization
  • Cloud performance optimization
  • Cost-efficient architecture design

DevOps consulting for On-prem data centers

Why does your on-prem data center not show your best performance? The problem may not be on the surface:

  • We start with the hardware audit
  • Proceed with the hardware configuration audit (interface check included)
  • End up with software profiling. Our selected set of profiling tools allows for a full picture of where your performance lags (Docker images for VMs, hypervisor and its settings, etc.)

DevOps automation consulting

Multiple clusters in modern data centers and dozens of infrastructure applications in them pose new challenges for DevOps automation and consistency. Send us a message to find out our methods for

  • DevOps version control
  • Configurations and settings automation
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Automated access management
  • Automated patch management
  • Monitoring and alerting systems
  • DevOps automation roadmap for technical maturity

DevOps transformation consulting

If your company lacks a DevOps team of your own or the DevOps expertise is in its early development stage, we’ll be happy to share our DevOps expertise with you.

  • Grow your technical maturity
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and redundant services costs
  • Learn DevOps for automation, synchronization and orchestration of multiple in-house systems
  • Obtain true technological ownership of your software to safely integrate 3rd party solutions and transfer data

DevOps services we provide

An international DevOps services company, we provide a full range of DevOps services for startup innovators and enterprise customers looking for quality DevOps support. Starting from 2008, we’ve seen the rise and growth of DevOps and know well what modern businesses need to improve their efficiency, optimize performance and costs.

DevOps as a Service

Build future-proof infrastructure for heavy loads, both in cloud and on-prem, with us. Safe and efficient builds and releases with managed CI/CD services from the Symfa team. Dev and testing teams support.

  • CI/CD tooling selection
  • Configuration backup and automation
  • Security testing and updates
  • System consistency and version upgrades
  • Performance troubleshooting
  • Monitoring
  • Incident management and disaster recovery plans
  • Data management, collection, migration, and recovery

Infrastructure as code

Automatically deploy the system frontend and backend infrastructure to the cloud or on-prem, after a one-off manual configuration.

  • Infrastructure with a clear and precise list of resources.
  • Automated environment configuration and infrastructure resource provisioning
  • Complete visibility and accountability of infrastructure changes.
  • Infrastructure documentation with coded provisioning details

Backup management and automation

Complex and space-efficient backup strategies to maximize the safety of your data. 

  • Full and incremental backup
  • Onsite and offsite backups
  • Customizable, automated backup
  • Configuration backup

Post-migration cost optimization

Not happy with your cloud bill? Our DevOps engineers will do a detailed cloud infrastructure audit for you and come up with an optimization plan.

  • Resource allocation map
  • Cost optimization (DBs, VMs, load balancers, redundant servers, etc.) 
  • DevOps-first cost-effective architecture


Continuous integration, deployment, delivery, and maintenance for ML solutions that are ready for production.

  • CI/CD for Machine Learning
  • Continuous training
  • Automated ML pipelines

DevOps performance and cost optimization

Leveraging Symfa’s DevOps best practices, we encourage our clients to focus on business-critical issues without the distraction of technical tasks.
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The benefits you get during the DevOps journey with Symfa

Free system audit, team training and knowledge sharing for your talents besides seamless automated deployments - at Symfa we provide the quality that your business deserves.

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Cloud platforms and virtualization

Configuration and infrastructure management


Continuous Integration/Continuous delivery


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Looking for a mature DevOps provider? We have an extensive background in heavy-load systems development and deployment for Insurance, FinTech, Manufacturing and Healthcare clients.

Symfa is your top choice for a DevOps consulting company. Have a look at the DevOps project gallery above or find even more similar cases in our portfolio.

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