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Build custom software for the food & beverage, hospitality, restaurant and catering industries to stay one step ahead in the highly competitive market.
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HoReCa is intensely competitive and subject to a range of product and safety regulations. The perishability aspect is a major influence in shaping distribution, storage, and logistics; it is important for suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers to be proactive in dealing with this problem. That is why HoReCa and the wider food & beverage industry need sophisticated technologies and systems to tackle issues such as effective administration, delivery, production process, safe use, etc.
Our competencies in foodtech, catering and hospitality software solutions cover engineering efficient apps and tools for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers to achieve all of the above, and more. We also develop food delivery apps for single restaurants, multi-location restaurants, franchise restaurants, food chains, or food aggregators. This experience ensures that we can meet your requirements when it comes to distribution.

Problem-driven Software Solutions for FoodTech & HoReCa

Whether you are an industry leader today or an aspiring startup seeking wider customer acquisition, the challenges of tomorrow require actions now. Symfa is here to help. We orchestrate the tech transformation journey while focusing on your business needs and tech landscape:
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ERP Solutions for FMCG Manufacturers

Custom ERP applications for your food and beverage processes will help you with process management and streamlining as well as integration with other systems such as CRM and accounting. It also helps to preserve quality management in manufacturing through traceability of materials, and multi-location environmental controls.

Predictive Analytics for Inventory Management

We leverage AI and machine learning tech to design and develop predictive analytics solutions that would help you fine-tune logistics management. Smart software processes data, builds custom dashboards and helps forecast demand fluctuations in order to avoid understock and overstock of perishable food products.

On-Demand Food Delivery App Development

We provide on-demand food ordering mobile application design capabilities for single restaurants, multi-location restaurants, franchise restaurants, food chains, or food aggregators. We know how to design a food delivery app, from the doorsteps of the restaurant to the consumers.

This type of food delivery applications presuppose aggregating orders from customers and passing them to the specific restaurants. The delivery of the orders to the customers remains the responsibility of the restaurants. Usually larger restaurants prefer this model.

In addition to the above capabilities, the distribution system is supported by this model. Such a network requires distribution staff from third parties, who receive packaged orders from restaurants and bring them to consumers. Such a concept has a more substantial business scope. Additionally, small restaurants that do not have their own delivery systems are supported by it.

  • an admin panel (assign managers, commission setup, manage stores, analytics and reports, etc.
  • dispatchers customer app: food ordering, payments, tracking and alerts, offers and promos, reviews and ratings, etc.
  • food shop manager’s app: assign orders, food inventory management, order history, etc.
  • delivery agent app: accept / reject orders, on job / off job, navigation, in-app chat, invoice generation, food delivery service, and more

Your HoReCa Automation & FoodTech ROI

We promote using modern tech behind any enterprise automation and digitalization initiative for a very simple reason – it drives revenue to the business. The tricky part is to make a digitalization roadmap, calculate the benefits and hire an expert team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are just a few questions we often hear from our potential clients on the very first meeting when they are trying to know us better and check if we are a capable and credible custom software engineering partner. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line
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