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Architect efficiency-driven app backbones.
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Fast-track your enterprise progress and boost profit margins by placing nifty tech layers under the hood of your apps. From insurance to healthcare, from Fortune 500 whales to medium-scale companies — our backend development company knows the ins and outs of catering to tech needs of all kinds of businesses.

Backend service line at scale

Staying involved from the get-go, we ensure our focus on your purpose doesn’t waver. Be our guest — challenge the team’s tech muscle with custom backend development, cloud migration, existing solution modernization, and beyond.

Backend architecture design

From database model development to API throttling, update checks for front-end clients, and app performance management — we design power-added backend architectures upon the most progressive tools, with ultimate compatibility in mind.

  • Authentication & notification microservices
  • Error, request-response & application logging
  • Asynchronous communication configuration
  • Command-line utilities establishment
  • Secret management, API versioning
  • CI & Docker support implementation

Programming languages we use

Reliability of the server-side component largely depends on technology at its core. Our experts leverage tried-and-true programming languages for backend development, capable of ensuring flawless app functioning.


Fast cross-platform, open-source, and type-safe tool that ensures better integrity and interoperability. As a modern general-purpose language, C# is a universal way to give clear structure to programs relying on reusable code and lower development costs. Widely usable for websites, web and desktop apps, enterprise software, cloud-based services.


Light-weight, easily and quickly scalable event-driven platform utilizing Javascript. To develop real-time applications, Node.js is a perfect choice of server-side platform. The tech effectively handles massive requests a second with no need for extra hosting and expensive hardware. As Node.js works in a runtime environment, it is commonly used for building secure, efficient, scalable, and feature-rich solutions.


Highly-performant instrument helping create secure products while seamlessly integrating them with legacy systems. As one of the most popular cross-platform open-source platforms from Microsoft, .NET is extensively used for building form-based apps, web-based applications, and web services. Enabling extreme language interoperability, .NET code allows to smoothly interact with other languages’ codes.

Databases we use

Depending on the type and amount of data you intend to store, framework integrations, budget and other aspects, our backend development company experts select the most suitable database for your application.


Offers scalability and flexibility essential for querying and data indexing, provides agile and high-performing solutions suitable for both big data and mobile apps.

SQL Server

Especially suited for enterprise-level software SQL Server is the database management tool of choice of popular brands such as NASDAQ and DocuSign.


As a popular open-source platform for database management, MySQL supports nearly all OSs and programming languages. It performs best when used with PHP-based applications.


A stable general-purpose and object-relational DMS that requires minimum maintenance. Applications developed in PostgreSQL have low total ownership costs as compared to other DMSs.

Razor-focused on your business challenge

Structured for agility, we assemble dedicated teams capable of defining the right tech models that sit well with your business ecosystems. Either from scratch or by rebuilding your existing solutions, we build backends for domain-specific progressive or custom web apps, single page applications (SPAs), cross-platform and hybrid solutions.
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Legacy systems modernization

Switching from obsolete tech infrastructure and renovation legacy software is no walk in the park, but we can decisively nail the job. As soon as we audit your solution’s backend, we can suggest further bug fixing and functionality updates, migration from monolith to microservices through API-led connectivity, along with code refactoring, cloud or database migration, DevOps or  integration services.

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Choosing a reliable vendor having a diverse pool of technical talents and proven track-record of successfully completed projects is already half the battle. Here are a few reasons why our clients entrust us with development of their software products:

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