Logistics Mobile App for Concrete Production Company

Ensuring shipment and dispatch automation and impeccable order management
Customer location
  • Europe Europe
Project duration
  • 7 months

Client and Business Goals

Our client is a large concrete producer, maintaining its own plants and a vehicle fleet. With their business expanding, they faced several problems, including the growing amount of manual work of multiple stakeholders involved in the shipment and dispatch process. The client decided to launch a logistics mobile application accessible by drivers, dispatchers and company customers. Its goals were to automate the business process of order placement and processing, concrete delivery from the plant to the client, and concrete plant operator’s work at the facility.

Having a reputation of a logistics-savvy partner experienced in both FMS/TMS and CRM solution development, Symfa was selected as a dedicated development partner for the project.


The team faced the challenge to implement push-notifications on the iOS application version. The problem was that Flutter used for the client-facing part development did not support web sockets. To solve the issue developers had to use Firebase.

Other applications could not communicate with the existing app due to the absence of API methods. To ensure access, the team developed and configured endpoints, so third-party apps could gain data seamlessly.


The solution processes logistical, financial and location data and can serve up to 1000 users simultaneously.

Initially, all processes flowing within the company were automated with software, deployed on the client’s internal network. As long as it did not have access to the Internet, we had to create an additional server component on the client’s internal network that would become a link between the newly developed mobile application and the existing system.

When the mobile application requires data, the request goes to the server component, which, in its turn, transfers it to the application. After the request is processed, data comes to the application through the server component.

Major Functional Modules

Driver account

  • Notifying a dispatcher about current driver status
  • Receiving order details from the dispatcher
  • Participation in auction

Client account

  • Shipment order creation
  • Obtaining the approximate order cost
  • Application status tracking

Dispatcher account

  • Vehicle status tracking
  • Vehicle unloading status tracking

Work Done

  • Scalable mobile application built from the ground up
  • Integration with HereMap service for vehicle location tracking
  • Integration with Sms.ru for sending notifications
  • Implementation of user fingerprint authorization


  • PostgreSQL
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Docker
  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • Firebase


Our team developed a scalable cross-platform mobile application helping streamline the concrete delivery process, from receipt of an application to vehicle unloading at the final destination.

The key benefits the client will enjoy after the application’s launch are:

- Simplified application receipt from the customer;
- Minimized vehicle downtimes;
- Minimized driver downtimes at the client’s site;
- Optimized dispatcher’s workload in distributing orders among drivers;
- Optimized fuel expenditures through building the best delivery route.

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