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What’s next?

What we do

We contact you for the first time to specify all the initial project details and sign an NDA. After the NDA is signed you can share with us a more detailed description of your system and the existing documentation.

With a detailed system description and/or document package on our hands, we now set our first Elicitation Call. 

During this call, our Pre-Sales experts join who have technical background and experience in projects and documentation assessment. Thus, already at Step 2 you can discuss with us all potential system limitations, non-functional requirements, tech stack, etc.

With all the required input data on our hands, we decide on the date of the next discussion, while our engineering team is off making a preliminary solution design for you.

What you get

  • Initial project info collected
  • NDA signed
  • Expert discussions
  • Info collected to move to the preliminary system design


What we do

At this step, our engineering team is getting ready with the first solution design. Based on the available documentation, we elaborate on the components and their implementation using the tech stack* discussed earlier on.

*If our task is to expand the existing system using the tech stack that was reasonably chosen before us, we’ll follow your recommendations, no questions asked.

However, if we see a better option exists for your solution or the reason the tech stack was chosen is no longer relevant, we’ll be happy to consult you on your new tech stack.

What you get

  • First system design using the available tech stack or
  • New tech stack proposed based on our domain knowledge and experience

What we do

A second call with the high-level system design + ballpark estimate ready. In case the costs and timelines suit you, we move on to the cooperation model. This can be:

  • T&M - we set up a team for you, which delivers your project from start to finish at the hourly rates agreed.
  • Fixed Price - an ideal option for standard solutions. Mind please that FP is only possible with the full and detailed documentation package ready. If this isn't a case for you, ask us about our Discovery & Elaboration option. We’ll prepare all the required docs for you, which will serve as a basis for accurate estimates so that your FP project can roll out safely.
  • ODC - hire as many engineers as you need (and are currently available) for as long as you need.

At Step 4, a tech lead and the delivery manager also join in case further cooperation details are to be discussed.

What you get

  • System design, ballpark estimate and timelines
  • Cooperation model

What we do

Let’s sign a contract finally and set the project kick-off meeting, which will mark the official start of your project.

By the date of the kick-off meeting, all the necessary access rights should be granted to our team. If DevOps processes are on your side, make sure the infrastructure is ready for the new team members.

In case the project is done from scratch and DevOps processes are up to us to establish, by the kick-off date all the infrastructure will be ready for the project to start on our local machines.

What you get

  • Contract signed
  • Project start date set

What we do

Kick-off meeting (PM + team) is the last step of the preparatory project actions. 

This step facilitates significantly team onboarding. Before the project rolls out, the PM shares all the available project info with the team and gets them ready for the start. This is done so that during your kick-off meeting with the team (client + PM + team), they know enough about the project to actively participate in the project discussions, not waste your time.

What you get

  • Project info shared with the team
  • Team is 100% prepared for an active project start
We guarantee that we never share your personal data or usage data with any third party without your permission.

Symfa’s Locations

Our talents work from anywhere, but it’s great for them to know they have a nice place to come and see each other in person. Meet us too at our Central Development Hub in Warsaw or US Headquarters in Alexandria.

For our clients opting for Dedicated Development Centers on our premises, we provide project areas with dedicated infrastructure and a restricted area with your logo. It’s a home away from home for your system.

Visit us anytime you feel like it. We’re looking forward to discussing your boldest ideas with a cup of coffee soon at our offices!

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Alexandria, VA, USA
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