Symfa Presents its Big Data Mapping and Reconciliation Platform at Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards 2024

By Nika Chizh, Senior Copywriter and Digital Marketer
Published on May 3, 2024

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Miami-Dade, Florida, 2024-05-03 — Symfa, a leading provider of insurance software solutions, announced today that they are participating in the Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards 2024 with their Big Data Mapping and Reconciliation Insurance Platform. The awards recognize the best ideas and projects that are transforming the insurance industry. Symfa is going to compete for industry recognition with the strongest leaders such as Generali, AIA Thailand, Walaa Insurance and others.

Symfa's platform is an industry-agnostic, scalable solution that automates data mapping and reconciliation for large-scale enterprises. It uses a simple ETL (extract, transform, and load) process to bring data from various sources into a unified format. The unified, stabilized data is then used by analysts and managers to do detailed custom reporting, helping with accounting and reconciliation.

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The platform has resulted in significant time and cost savings for Symfa's client, a transcontinental insurance company with over 5,000 employees. “We automated a previously manual ETL process, resulting in a significantly reduced time required to map the data for analytics and reporting and higher data accuracy and reliability,” Andrew Zhilitsky, Delivery Director on the project comments.

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"We are honored to participate in the Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards," said Vitali Yurkevich, CEO of Symfa. "Our platform is a powerful tool that can help insurers improve their efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. We are excited to see how it can continue to transform the insurance industry."

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About Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards

The Qorus Innovation in Insurance Awards is a global competition that recognizes the most exciting and effective innovations in the insurance industry. The award was established in 2016 and attracted over 350 submissions from 43 countries last year. The awards ceremony is recognized as the premier annual gathering of insurance innovators and their ideas worldwide.

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