Do you Really Need to Hire a QA?

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We not for nothing touch upon the topic of the importance of a quality engineer’s role. As a company that provides full-cycle development services, we are very conscious that a QA undertakes an important piece of work testing the code written by software developers. Although all our developers check their code themselves, the possibility of errors still remains, and our opinion is that another pair of eyes will never be superfluous to ensure full test coverage.

We in no case impose you to hire a QA engineer for your project. In our previous article Can Software Development Teams Do Without QAs? we talked to two senior developers working without testers about their work, processes and thoughts about the necessity of quality assurance engineers at their projects. Their answers clearly revealed that everything hinges on the project type, goals and industry it belongs to. This follow-up article contains the summary of the most important issues pointed out by our interviewees. If you are too busy to read the full version but want to know if you need to hire a QA, this one is exactly for you.

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  • What if there's no QA on your project: 5 things to keep in mind
  • Conclusion

What if there's no QA on your project: 5 things to keep in mind

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Having a tester in a team will never do harm. There are plenty of cases when customers decided not to hire a QA, and this decision resulted in a waste of time for rework and much heavier expenditures, than if a tester had initially been involved.

When skipping the proper testing phase, we believe you act in your best interests, having weighed all pros and cons of your decision. But as a software development and testing company with slightly over a decade of experience, we're just flourishing in joy when a client adds a QA to the team. All because we know that the synergy of dev and QA talents will save the world (from the pile of unwanted projects, at least).


 Alex Zakrivaševič

 Alex Zakrivaševič

 Alex Zakrivaševič

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