Credit Scoring Analytics Solution for a FinTech Service Provider

Intelligent financial data analytics for customer trustworthiness check
Project duration:
  • 1,5+ years (ongoing)

Client and Business Goals

Our client is Citrus Blue company, a FinTech service provider based in UAE, offering cost-efficient solutions for financial institutions. 

Loan applications processing and approval require multiple repetitive tasks to do. To streamline the workflow of the client’s internal staff and free the employees up from a pile of routine duties, our customer develops a business intelligence (BI) system helping to analyze the potential borrower’s assets and issue a decision on loan procurement. 

The system was not covering all client’s needs in terms of analytics and overall functionality, and Citrus Blue needed a hand from a seasoned team with  expertise in BI and profound knowledge of the FinTech domain. Symfa meets both criteria and was chosen as a contractor to bring the system into a proper condition.




The system enables building analysis based on uploaded data according to the client’s business logic. After data processing, the system visualizes it in tables and graphs. 

External users can submit documents required for a loan application through the app. Potential borrowers can also provide the lender with access to their bank information, including transactions and accounts balances, so the lender could assess the borrower’s creditworthiness.

The system frontend, backend, and database are deployed on the AWS server. For precise AWS infrastructure configurations the developer consulted a Symfa DevOps expert. The authentication process runs through KeyCloak.

Work done

  • Frontend rewrite from React to Angular 
  • Backend refinement 
  • Authorization implementation through KeyCloak
  • Plaid API integration for data acquisition
  • Integration with AWS S3 Bucket

Functionality highlights

  • Uploaded data management
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Borrowers management
  • Reminder mailing about documents required for verification


  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • Nginx
  • MongoDB
  • Ubuntu
  • AWS


After the required documentation is uploaded, the loan provider can see the comprehensive picture of the potential borrower’s creditworthiness: the analysis reveals whether there are any fake invoices or signs of fraud, whether the potential borrower has loans in other institutions, and more. 

The project is ongoing, and the client is completely satisfied with the deliverables. After the web application is complete, the customer is planning to add a mobile one on top.

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