ETL Processes Fine-tuning to Streamline Insurance Data Management

Efficient data manipulation through the unified codebase
Customer location
Project duration:
  • 2 years (ongoing)

Client and Business Goals

Our client is a 10,000-strong US-based property and casualty insurance company, focused on providing services to businesses of small and medium scales. 

The customer pursued the goal of transforming the existing ETL processes and creating new ones with the Astera Centerprise tool. They intended to unify the codebase to alleviate future changes in the code when needed. They got down to the project with their effort, however, the work proceeded not as expected: requirements definition and development process were flowing with delays. 

The series of completed and ongoing projects, proficiency in ETL/ELT development and in-depth knowledge of the insurance domain assured the customer to decide to approach Symfa with no hesitation when they encountered a talent shortfall after the project had started. 


Poor communication between different departments on the customer’s side resulted in a long wait for the requested information, which hampered the development process. To rectify the situation and alleviate interaction between the parties, project managers from Symfa's side were involved.


Our team works with incoming and transmitting data, sent in xlsx, csv, and txt formats. Files containing information uploaded from the database must correspond to the business needs of the vendor they are sent to. To ensure compliance, the imported data are validated for mandatory fields and data format. When data is uploaded to the database, it is run through a range of filters. 

We utilize Microsoft SQL Server to manage the database. There are two main servers our team uses in daily work: DEV for process development and UAT for testing. After the developed process is tested, it is released on the Prod server. At this stage, the team is involved in support to ensure error-free system functioning.


  • Astera Centerprise
  • MS SQL Server
  • Git


Accession of our team to the project brought results. The customer points out significant improvements and acceleration of the development pace with the involvement of our ETL experts.

Processes transformed from the current state to the Astera Centerprise must be improved when converted to the platform but at the same time save the logic. The team is constantly refining sample operations applied for a variety of processes through daily meetings.

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