Data Engine to Drive Insurance Policies Remarketing

Raw data evolving into actionable insights for a Fortune 500 business
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Project duration:
  • 1 year (ongoing)

Client and Business Goals

A US-based niche specialty property and casualty insurance company approached us with a series of digital transformation projects. A large corporation, with offices on both sides of the Atlantic, was planning to put the tons of data that insurance giants usually possess to good use.

One of such data projects was insurance policies remarketing. Here, the collected customer data is used to streamline policy renewal procedures. The workflow is simple: once the policy is bound, it is saved to the database. The automation systems collect that data from multiple databases across the company to leverage the power of data using the CRM, CMS or other tools. The marketing team, for example, uses that data to send emails and SMS reminders to the policyholders when the policy is due to be renewed. Data collection and segmentation also help do proper revenue forecasting.

Why the client turned to us was that their current workflows weren’t efficient enough. The company had to outsource the data cleansing process to a third party, which slowed the process and made the employees reliant excessively on the third party services.


Our client previously had to work with an agency specializing in data cleansing. In order to implement the client’s vision of the project, our team had to replicate the processes utilized by the agency, streamlining and adjusting them to the client’s infrastructure.

The team was to implement the shift using the current tech stack and reusing the existing functional modules of the legacy system. Aimed at reducing the cost of the changes to the max, such measures ask for creative engineering effort and adaptability.


The resulting solution is an evolution of the existing data transformation system. The new system does pretty much the same work: it collects the data across various sources to process, filters it, and uploads the output files. Those files are used by the marketing teams to drive sales and renewals.

The joint team of Symfa's and client’s talents were to streamline the existing workflows by eliminating the need to outsource the cleansing process to the third party. The development endeavor also implied boosting the system flexibility and extensibility, so that it would naturally expand as the need may be.

Front End User Interface for the Marketing Team

The updated interface allows the marketing and sales team to effortlessly manage Renewals and Sales campaigns and provides tons of insightful management information.

Processing Engine

The newly built processing engine will eliminate the third party involvement. It has all the functionality to extract, cleanse and filter data, tailored to the client’s needs. The engine allows generating the output files for the departments and units involved in the marketing process, all adjusted to their specific requirements.

Analytics Module

The software has an in-built analytics module that turns raw data into ready-to-use insights presented on a custom dashboard. The charts, bubbles and tables keep the management accurately updated on lead volume, address/email/phone capture rate, customer segmentation and more.


  • SQL
  • .NET Core
  • MS Visual Studio
  • Astera Centerprise
  • C#
  • MS SQL Server


The project is reaching its final development stage and is to go through live assessment within a few more months. Together with the engineering talents of the client’s, the Symfa developers not only put the new system into place, but also showed efficiency and involvement, which in-house talents rarely expect from the outsourced engineers.

The system is designed with growth and scalability in mind, so it will easily adapt to the changing needs of the corporation in the future (additional data validation services, data segmentation, etc.). By now, the client no longer requires third party services and is reallocating the resources to support more digital transformation initiatives within the organization.

The client noted our team’s commitment to result and transparency (daily sync-ups, weekly status updates, demos upon first client’s request). Coupled with deep expertise, it was a sure way to win the client’s trust and a few more common endeavors with them.

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