Web App for Insurance Quote Generation & Policy Binding

End-to-end code refactoring, system optimization & migration
Customer location
Project duration:
  • 1,5+ years (ongoing)

Client and Business Goals

Symfa was hired by a leading commercial property and casualty insurance firm catering to enterprise-scale clients across the US and Europe.

The client had a holistic solution focused on streamlining their insurance processes management, with numerous stakeholders behind. Yet, the system underlied legacy technology and essentially needed an overhaul. The undertaking required extra governance and tech efforts, so the client was in the market for a responsible partner able to handle large mission-critical projects.

In view of Symfa’s deep expertise in legacy app modernization and the Insurance domain and excellent testimonials, the client brought the team in the loop. Once we successfully tackled the project’s test phase, Symfa was entrusted with more complex engineering stages in parallel with a QA contractor.


A seamless system migration to an advanced tech stack was a job one within the project, so it was critical to first evaluate the idea feasibility. To ensure that the process goes off without a hitch, our team dug deep into pre-engineering research and ruled out the potential risks.

Also, Symfa made it to handle traditional pains with the npm package while successfully debugging troublesome legacy code through log files.


The system is a microservice-powered solution that enables quote generation and policy binding. Combining multiple modules and databases, the platform automates routines for thousands of the client’s insurance agents. To introduce ironclad system security, the solution supports token-based authentication.

The Symfa team was responsible for technical research, comprehensive code refactoring, system migration, and maintenance. Also, we reskinned the back-end to optimize it for the new front-end.


  • Angular
  • MS SQL
  • jQuery
  • .NET


Smoothly running in line with Scrum methodology, the project is beyond satisfying for all the parties. The team’s well-orchestrated efforts impressed the client, giving them grounds to increase Symfa’s field of responsibility while involving more of our engineers.

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