IoT App for Trouble-free Street Lighting Remote Control

Rationalized approach to intra-urban electric energy consumption
Customer location
  • Europe Europe
Project Duration
  • 6 months

Client and business goals

Our client is a large-scale engineering enterprise based in Eastern Europe, offering a wide array of comprehensive solutions for electronics manufacturers. The checklist of available services also comprises metrology and technical maintenance, logistical services and foreign trade activities, which ensures an integrated approach to the customer needs.

Having faced the challenge of the excessive electric energy consumption and vast amounts of monotonous manual work, the client floated an idea to introduce the IoT-based solution which would automate the control over the street lamps. The implemented system should provide access to сonnected devices and ensure full control over their functioning. In line with the plan, such an approach would allow moving away from manual steering of the devices and optimize the energy consumption.

Whereas Symfa’s sincere interest in the Internet of Things domain and a strong engineering background, the customer selected us as the dedicated development contractor with no hesitation.


Lighting devices controllers’ limitations were the most substantial issue we faced at the development stage. This became the trigger for upgrades to ensure the compatibility of gadgets and technologies utilized for the application development.


We designed a system capable of monitoring and managing street lamps and other devices, such as accelerometers, temperature and humidity sensors, inclinometers and impact sensors. To ensure sustainable and uninterrupted data exchange within the IoT network we implemented MQTT protocol.

The entire system incorporates the backend component, MQTT server and gateways connected with the controlled devices. The backend manages the requests queue transferred from the front-end. When the request is received and logged, the back-end redirects it to the MQTT server via MQTT protocol for equitable distribution between the gateways. Gateways, in their turn, transfer the requests to the connected devices.

Functionality Highlights

  • System access settings in compliance with the user role
  • Scheduling of devices’ switching on/off time depending on the daylight hours
  • Luminocity fine-tuning of the particular device or a group of devices
  • Entering the proper settings of the specified city in the database
  • Statistics tracking and settings editing in case of need
  • Immediate notifications receipt in case of device’s malfunction
  • Generating regular reports to monitor the energy efficiency
  • Multilingual support on the frontend


  • Angular
  • C#
  • PostgreSQL
  • MQTT


Symfa delivered a cross-platform IoT application which serves to ensure well-timed illumination switching on/off depending on the sunrise and sunset time. When the application goes live the client will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased eclectic energy efficiency;
  • Manual workload reduction;
  • Possibility to take timely actions in case of any device malfunction.

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