PoC of a Blockchain-Powered IoT Platform for Smart Garments Data Acquisition

Designing a future-proof service for DeFi, data visualization & research
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Project Duration:
  • 1+ year

Client and Business Goals

A New York-based cross-domain tech innovator with a focus on building solutions for smart sensor-enabled devices or distributed environments.

The client has disrupted the IoT market by introducing a multi-faceted electronic textile underlying custom tags. With the sewn-in temperature, accelerometer, and real-time clock sensor layer, the solution was aimed at giving a better understanding of clothing performance to both end users and smart garments brands.

To provide potential customers with a robust service for sensor data processing and display, the client needed a tailored web platform upon a scalable architecture. As a first point, they decided to obtain a sensible prototype with a software requirements specification. Symfa’s stellar ETL solutions design and engineering capabilities became a decisive factor for the client to pick us for the job.


The most challenging task was to design a transparent and fault-tolerant data aggregation and purchasing system. By utilizing a rich Hyperledger blockchain toolkit and cryptographic validation advantages, the team has made it to come up with a neat and comprehensible module similar to Facebook ads manager.


Our team has designed an interactive app prototype, along with decentralized architecture and SRS documentation. The solution is an online platform intended to visualize and report on a wealth of data while connecting smart clothes customers and researchers for controlled user studies.

Smart garments data aggregation

On top of the custom textile’s lighting and warming capabilities, it serves for transmitting data on clothing usage intensity, climate surroundings, wash cycles, and more.

Blockchain-enabled storage

In case the garments user wishes to capitalize on this information, the detailed stats on each item’s life cycle gets privately synced via the user smartphone NFC to a decentralized blockchain-powered host storage to be further relayed through the online platform.

DeFi-based monetization

To ultimately protect user anonymity, the solution provides a token-enabled transaction experience. The smart garment owners can get rewarded for their stats by exchanging it to a custom cryptocurrency via a built-in data exchange.


  • BlockStack
  • Express
  • Hyperledger


Symfa team has fully met the client’s expectations through a carefully-vetted process: from business model and requirements analysis to use case prototyping, responsive design and architecture mockups stabilization, to SRS breakdown.

The client highly appreciated the team’s approach to data visualization, so the interactive mockup deliverables were far beyond their expectations.

Adapted for both B2B and B2C usage, the solution introduces an advanced sales and marketing funnel. The app enables retailers or smart garments producers to motivate customers to purchase their items through activity rewarding.

Furthermore, the aggregated data provide an untapped source for independent or inbound clothing brand researchers and market analysts in terms of efficiency improvement, roadmapping and demand prediction.

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