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Client and business goals

The UK-based company specializing in health tracking gadgets and software approached Symfa with the front-end development project for smartwatches. Originally, the project was conceived as an application for people with diabetes to control the level of sugar and hemoglobin in the blood, and to keep these statistics at hand. However, the idea evolved to include more sophisticated functionality. Eventually, Symfa was contracted to deliver multifunctional health-tracking software (front-end only) for the smartwatches, which collects multiple metrics of body condition and suggests physical exercises.


Overall project advancement was smooth and unhampered. However, there were two challenges that the project team experienced.

  • Due to the screen limitations, UX needed to be simplified to the max, without degrading the quality of user-device interaction. Our front-end developer and the client’s backend engineer showed great team play in resolving this challenge. Besides achieving outstanding UX results, together they also worked on API calls optimization which improved app performance.
  • Occasional asynchronous front-end and backend tasks delivery could become an issue as the two talents were outsourced from different companies. Nevertheless, the application was delivered even earlier than planned, with all the requirements met. Throughout the project progression, Symfa did their best to mitigate idle time and deliver ahead of schedule.


Despite the device limitations, the application provides the user with a rich set of health data, which includes:

  • Key health metrics (blood pressure, quality of sleep, etc.)
  • Activity statistics (step count, calories burnt, workout data, etc.)
  • Workout prompts (GIFs)

The scope of work was a perfect fit for a solo front-end developer project. Not only did our talent deliver all the specified features, but he also actively participated in the workflows establishment and feature elaboration. Thus, our front-end engineer optimized the View exercises option by cutting out some redundant steps, which added clarity and dynamics to this key system feature. All the proposals made by our team fit in nicely with the concept of the app and enriched its look and feel.

Project management

The project was managed by the PM on the client’s side; Slack was chosen as the communication method. Both parties were responsive and open for discussion whenever some extra clarifications were needed or risks arose.

Also, the client had regular calls with Symfa for progress updates and further development instructions. These efficient communication practices enabled flawless project delivery ahead of schedule.

Learn more about our approach which underpins our flawless delivery practices and oftentimes is the decisive arguement for enterprise-level clients to engage Symfa as their custom software development partner.


  • React.js
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript


Symfa delivered to the client a highly performing and fancy-looking front-end despite the screen limitations. The application effectively monitors key health parameters and provides the user with easily accessible health insights 24/7.

The client is planning to start the software implementation on Apple Watch running on Wear OS, with Samsung watches and other models next on the list.

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