Transportation Management SaaS Cloud Platform Development

Connecting A to Z logistics endpoints into a neatly orchestrated system
Customer location
  • South Africa South Africa
Project Duration
  • 1+ year
Delivery Model
  • SLA-driven task backlog delivery

Client and Business Goals

The client is a B2B logistics company driving innovation around the supply chain management domain to help brands scale through operational and customer experience automation.

Their idea was to create a unified platform for end-to-end logistics cycle management streamlining transportation processes — from shipper to driver to end user. At the early development stages, they found themselves in need of experienced specialists to take over their project, cope with the most sophisticated tasks, and assure a successful release.

The expertise in question was ERP and CRM cloud systems engineering, which Symfa does just right, so winning over the client’s trust didn’t take enormous effort.


So far as the solution was to consolidate and orchestrate a global-scale network of logistics and transportation hubs, the crucial task was to devise a fault-tolerant and load-resistant routing functionality.

The Symfa team undertook extensive R&D and came up with a Java-based jsprit framework implementation, thus making the transportation and GPS routing process seamless and intuitive by default, with no extra battery life loss.


Our team helped build a cloud-enabled transportation management solution providing users with advanced tracking, analytics, and real-time communication capabilities. On top of processing thousands of delivery requests and managing hundreds of parallel dispatching operations, the platform introduces AI-powered driver route planning, GPS tracking, and more.

The clients are free to set up their dedicated white label on-premise system instances while customizing them in line with their business needs and scaling them with third-party integrations.

Functionality highlights

  • Cloud deployment
  • Intermodal & multimodal shipment support
  • Global digital presence
  • Telematics & mobile routing


  • KPI-based performance reporting
  • Multiple distribution hubs access
  • Live shipment status tracking
  • Estimated time of arrival (ETA) notifications & alerts
  • Financial & efficiency stats aggregation
  • Predictive delay-preventive analytics
  • Transportation documentation management
  • Cash on delivery & invoicing facilities
  • Billing, quotation & settlement control
  • Carrier allocation governance
  • Major eCommerce services integration
  • API-enabled connection to external WMS, CRM & ERP

Major modules

Client web & mobile app: 

Serves for shipment orders creation and management, allows for interface and functionality customization and app access control.

Driver mobile app:

Intended for the service vendor's driver staff, the app provides full client support, initial data migration, integration settings, and tech assistance.

Admin web dashboard for service providers:

the transportation management interface for the major system vendor's employees, featuring multi-level access including admin, warehouse manager, carrier, fleet and order managers.


  • ASP.NET Core
  • Entity Framework
  • Hangfire
  • xUnit
  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • MySQL


The team handled their engineering obligations in line with all the client’s requirements, delivering a power-added solution completely up and running.

The team completed:

  • End-to-end solution revamping
  • Tool-based routing optimization
  • Restful API-led services integration

Catering to shippers, third-party logistics service providers, freight brokers, freight forwarders, manufacturers and carriers internationally, including North America, the system helps boost their customer satisfaction, optimize logistics costs, and unleash new business growth channels. With ultimate visibility on data and drivers, instant intelligence, real-time connectivity and communication, this all-in-one solution enables all parties in the supply chain to procure, plan, optimise, execute, and settle their cargo movements smarter.

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