Real Estate Insurance Workflow Automation Service Development

Unlocking tech capabilities for streamlined client resolution
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Project Duration:
  • 1.5 years

Client and Business Goals

TheGuarantors is a New York-based fintech business focused on building innovative insurance and accounting solutions for commercial and residential real estate companies and tenants.

The client’s business revolved around overcoming domain-specific niche challenges. Namely, they were looking to stimulate the rental market growth by guaranteeing leases for those who don’t meet certain financial standards regarding income level or credit history.

Aiming at unlocking more leasing opportunities for a wider audience at a short period, the client required an efficient platform to automate lease guarantee and deposit replacement routines. The service they had in place didn’t live up to their performance demands, so the client needed a reliable contractor to entrust the sophisticated tech revamping project.

With custom insurance software solutions development being Symfa’s strong suit, the team made it to win over the client’s favor by demonstrating its core expertise within the specified area.


To ensure rapid prototyping and build a clean cross-platform code, the project’s software developer mastered MeteorJS engineering from scratch. The team also enabled the solution to convert the filled in applications and doc scans into neatly structured PDFs downloadable through Dropbox.

This way, Symfa came up with yet more ways to increase the project’s time-to-market and enhance the product’s overall time efficiency.


The team helped build a custom web platform that facilitates client resolution process, reduces human staff workload, and mitigates the risks for landlords while assisting renters to access sensible accommodation opportunities.

To automate leasing applications turnaround, the service offers the potential residents to get qualified by filling in a simple form and attaching the required docs. The procedure takes a few minutes, with resolution coming in as little as half an hour.

Work done

  • Comprehensive code refactoring
  • Polling, reporting, and deal approvement systems creation
  • Solution performance optimization
  • Front-end design upon the client’s mockups
  • Dedicated portals development: admin, lease provider, and broker dealer
  • WordPress and Dropbox API integration
  • Real estate database implementation
  • Multi-language localization
  • Stats reports visualization


  • MeteorJS
  • MongoDB
  • Dropbox API
  • PDF filler


The entire scope of work was handled on the promise. Not only does the solution enable the hosts and users to get away with zero paperwork, but massively adds to the client’s bottom line. Namely, the year since the launch resulted in an annual average of $250M deposits replaced and rent guaranteed. The client’s business has also gained a tangible competitive edge providing 22 days faster list-to-lease.

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