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Your app can do much more than that. Time to give it some good development effort and grow new strategic functionality.
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Legacy software is a great thing until it starts messing up with your business growth. Symfa is a trusted software vendor with hands-on experience in legacy system modernization. We will treat your system with all due respect to its sophisticated business logic and accomplishments it helped you achieve over the years in service.

Our Legacy Modernization Services

Some legacy applications need just a little muscle growth and face lifting. Others want their entire code replaced and written anew. The good news is that we do both. Check out our legacy application modernization services to see which one suits you best.
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Migration to higher software versions

Rewrite your existing code using a modern technology stack. We offer you our expertise in React, Angular, Vue.js for frontend development; .NET Core, Node.js (+ Express), Nest.js for backend, native mobile development and cross-platform mobile app development with Flutter.

If you need help defining your tech stack, our tech leads and architects are happy to share their industry insights with you.

On-prem/ Cloud to Cloud Migration

Our cloud application modernization services stretch far beyond simple rehost. Relocate, replatform or opt for a SaaS. 

If you’re long settled in the cloud and ready to leverage more of its benefits, try optimizing your software operations by introducing more cloud features. Or move to another vendor (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.) that may be a better option given your circumstances.

DevOps, DevSecOps and QA services

If well-established DevOps processes are running within your company, our team will seamlessly blend. Need help figuring out DevOps? We offer CI/CD practices and toolset implementation,

DevOps/DevSecOps methodology development and implementation, end-to-end automation and pipeline health check. We know how to achieve code quality, automation capabilities, top system security and frictionless software delivery and can’t wait to spread the word.

Feel the difference starting from Day 1

We've been a solid player in the global application modernization services market since 2008. Here’s just a few highlights that make us a great choice for our clients.

Seamless knowledge transfer

We’ve worked out a consistent knowledge transfer roadmap that proved effective in multiple complex projects:

  • Architect onboarding (as a separate Elaboration phase or Early project planning)
  • Team onboarding (BA, PM, devs, QA, UX/UI, DevOps)
  • Test cases preparation and prioritization
  • Active knowledge transfer and reinforcement
  • Teams merger

Superb PM practices

Off with micromanagement. Set the course and enjoy your flightThe Project Manager does all the dirty job for you to focus on strategy and creative staff.

  • Team management (quality, motivation and deadlines control)
  • Blockers elimination (infrastructure, tools, skills, work mentality) 
  • Project planning
  • Budget control

Deep business analysis

Our Business Analysts scan your business and spell it out for the developers.

Business analyst makes sure that:

  • The onboarding process and knowledge transfer go smooth
  • The stakeholders’ vision and feedback is collected and well documented as V&C and SRS.
  • All your wishes and pains are translated into the language of tasks for the devs and QAs (epics, user stories, use cases, tasks).

What added values can you use to your advantage?

We’ve got a few more values up our sleeve that organically complement our professional legacy modernization services. See below and use them to your advantage.
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Why do our clients choose us for app modernization services?

The benefit that application modernization services bring to a legacy project varies depending on many factors. Yet if we put our hands on your legacy software, there are certain benefits we can guarantee hands down.

Talent staffing options

With our staffing options, you’ll find the perfect match for your business needs. Start small, grow your team as the range of modern application development services you order with us grows. We’ll be there to provide you with more talents whenever you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions.
We have answers.

Still not sure if our legacy application modernization services will fit you just right? Check out the FAQ to find the issues that bother you most and make sure we have them all covered.
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My software runs on the same Angular you’re offering, only older. I don’t quite see the difference.

I’d love to implement some cutting-edge techs, but the prospects of running it on my software scare me.

I’d better leave my legacy app as is for now. It’s all too complicated to move to the cloud.

My legacy app needs only a bit of facelifting. I don’t want your guys messing up with my business logic.

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