Infrastructure as Code for Multi-cluster System Maintenance

Infrastructure configuration automation for faultless insurance apps’ operation


IAC implementation at on-premise servers

Automating infra deployment in a single click

GITOPS for direct versions deployment

keeping in sync the system of 400+ apps

Customer location
Project duration:
  • 1.5 years (ongoing)

Client’s on-premise infrastructure preparation

Our customer is a prominent insurance carrier based in the United States, providing services to small and mid-size businesses globally.

Besides engaging Symfa in the implementation of a wide series of legacy modernization projects, the customer sought assistance with infrastructure-building tasks in the Kubernetes environment. Initially, all DevOps-related tasks were on a team of engineers from the client’s side. But as with the project expansion, increase in the number of on-premise servers, and growth in the number of applications deployed in the infrastructure, the customer decided to involve additional forces in the form of DevOps professionals from Symfa.

Consistency maintenance for error-free system functioning

Infrastructure automation through IaC and GitOps approaches

The most part of the customer’s infrastructure is located in dedicated servers in the client’s local data centers. These servers are merged into one working machine and are used as a virtual environment. The environment, in its turn, is divided into clusters where the customer’s applications are deployed, and have different spaces with appropriate access configurations depending on a project type.

To ensure error-free functioning of applications deployed in clusters, our DevOps engineers adhere to the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach in the Kubernetes environment at the customer’s on-premise servers. The Infrastructure as Code (IaC) model facilitates automatic deployment of the infrastructure along with preconfigured applications. Utilizing ArgoCD+Ansible, we achieve the seamless deployment of the entire infrastructure to any environment through app templating with just a single button click. Our team members add and fine-tune infrastructural utility for Kubernetes, deploy new applications in the environment, and deal with containerization. For new app deployment, Symfa’s DevOps engineers apply the GitOps approach through Ansible and ArgoCD tools, so new app versions can be deployed directly from the repository.


  • Canonical juju
  • Ansible
  • ArgoCD
  • Prometheus
  • Thanos
  • Kafka
  • Hashicorp Vault

Established communication for continuous improvement

The team is in constant contact with the engineers from the customer’s side through daily standups and sprint plannings. 

The customer highly values Symfa’s input as  our engineers are free to propose improvement suggestions, including architectural alterations, create tasks aimed at performance enhancement, and bugs prevention. We continue to contribute our expertise and ideas to drive continuous improvement.

50+Infrastructural applications
400+client applications

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