Social Networking App for Career Development & Experience Sharing

Creating a brand-new platform for building professional connections & finding jobs
Customer location
  • Europe Europe
Project duration:
  • 5 months

Client and Business Goals

The client is a European startup company focused on developing educational and business-oriented software powered by such future-proof technologies as blockchain.

Aiming to help young people make their first career steps informed, the client ideated on creating a robust and competitive social network with an extra educational mission. The solution was to be intuitive, user-friendly, and load-resistant to quickly engage as many users as possible. 

The client’s internal tech resources were enough to develop the app’s mockups, yet building a fully-functioning MVP was far too challenging without a seasoned engineering partner. They found one in the Symfa team after scrutinizing our expertise in their domains of interest and finding it beyond satisfactory.


Our engineering team took over the project and developed a neatly designed platform enabling users to join career planning communities while accessing a rich catalogue of top-demanded professions and trending vacancies.

To help the job market newcomers make an educated choice, the service provides detailed responsibilities descriptions and salary expectations within each position, along with advice on how to qualify.


  • Research & analytics capabilities
  • Stats collection functionality
  • SEO management
  • Integration with Bitfinex for investments & donations
  • Multi-currency support 
  • Power-added transaction bandwidths

Work done

  • Software requirements specification
  • Solution interface design
  • Admin CMS development
  • ETL-enabled business logic implementation
  • Donations page design
  • Built-in search engineering
  • Attendance tracking system development
  • Alphabetical catalogue layout
  • Production environment deployment
  • Google Analytics & SEO tools integration
  • Service access fine-tuning


  • Express
  • Google Analytics
  • Linux
  • Nginx
  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • SSR
  • Vue JS


Built from scratch, the app is now live, showcasing a multitude of popular professions, offering hundreds of job opportunities, and exponentially growing in subscribers.

The client is happy with the first successful deliverables arrival, currently discussing delegating Symfa with a new scope of works. Wishing to extend the existing solution functionality, the client requested developing in-app CV composition capabilities and implementing new user communication channels.

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