Multifunctional SaaS Portal for Business Center Facilities Utilization

Role-based solution for office space tenants and service staff
Customer location
  • Europe Europe
Project duration:
  • 1.5 years (ongoing)

Client and Business Goals

Our client develops SaaS solutions for the Real Estate business in Norway.

The customer’s clients lease office spaces to different companies and strive to create maximally comfortable conditions for the tenants. With the inflow of new tenants, the number of phone calls and written requests to business center service departments grew significantly, and efficient request processing was not possible. To get rid of the paperwork and free the business centers’ employees up from the barrage of calls with typical requests, the customer floated an idea to implement a one-stop role-based portal.

At the moment the customer turned to us, they already had a web application adapted for a mobile device. To enhance the existing web and create a mobile app from the ground up, the client needed a reliable partner proficient in app modernization and mobile development. Symfa is well-versed in both, which convinced the client to sign the agreement with us.


News posted on the portal had a format not compliant with the mobile app version. To resolve the issue we wrote a special parser tracking the inbound data format and submitting it with the similar format compatible with the mobile version.

One of our tasks was to fine-tune posts visibility for particular user roles. The application backend consisted of multiple microservices, and the responsible for articles configuration were connected with the third-party Strapi library. These microservices had been untouched for a long time, and our developers didn’t have any context on its functioning. This required extra research from our side.


Each company-tenant has a personal customized website with the right feature set. The web and mobile applications allow users to share news, book meeting rooms, submit repair requests, and many more. The user request management process is automated so that each request reaches a person in charge at an appropriate department who proceeds with its processing.


  • News posting on the portal 
  • Submit requests for repair 
  • Booking a meeting room from the list
  • Ordering equipment in the meeting room 
  • Food ordering in the office / meeting room 
  • Booking a place in the canteen

Work done

  • Web application enhancement 
  • Mobile app built from scratch
  • Configuring quick access to bookings/messages
  • Adding new color themes


  • React
  • Node.js
  • Redux


The project is still in the active development stage, but the client’s customers already point out significant improvement of their business centers’ service departments performance. 

The customer highly appreciates our effort at this project and plans to keep our developers involved for further system evolvement.

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