Multi-Platform Donation Service Supporting Unprivileged Communities

Helping overcome economic & environmental crisis within disadvantaged regions
Customer location
Project duration
  • 7 months

Client and Business Goals

Our client is a New York-based non-profit enterprise having a primary mission to provide underserved national minority communities with tools to create sustainable economic opportunities and improve their livelihoods.

Being alive to the issues of deprived regions, the client put their mind to draw the attention of influencers, community leaders, and investors worldwide. Central to their strategy was to spread the word and incentivize people to join the donation initiative.

The first and foremost thing missing was a robust, legit, and reliable digital platform. Running frictionlessly across mobile and web, the app was to clearly communicate that the funds go to non-governmental organizations and emergency funds with elected board members.

The client’s first attempts to build an operational solution seemed to be close yet failed, as the deliverables had critical malfunctions. In need of an outside perspective, the client reached out to Symfa, the contractor they considered worthy of the task.

Our team helped red-flag the existing functionality vulnerabilities while coming up with an optimized solution improvement path. With an extensive track record in multi-platform engineering for the financial industry and circular economy domain, Symfa became a part of the client’s long-term plan.


The client’s major concern was to make potential users understand that their fund is a 100% trustworthy and reputable establishment set up to provide real and tangible support to the people in a specified region. 

To help quickly reach the objective, Symfa polished user experience to a T and went the extra mile to increase the website and social media channels traffic. The team also introduced usage analytics collection, donor notification, emailing, and invitation to upcoming fundraising events.


The platform is designed for Windows Chrome desktop browser, iOS and Android mobile devices alike. Featuring clean and nifty look and feel, the solution ensures an intuitive donation experience upon a consistent business logic.

Supported donation categories

  • Farming equipment
  • Water purification & irrigation infrastructure
  • Working equipment for women
  • Legal fishing tools
  • Business & tech skills improvement
  • Humanitarian needs
  • Partnering emergency funds

Work done

  • Solution redesign 
  • Mockups development
  • Back-end & front-end engineering
  • CMS development
  • Website SEO support
  • Payment gateway integration: PayPal, BrainTree, credit cards, checks


  • Angular
  • Jenkins
  • MongoDB
  • Node.js


Right on the promise, Symfa delivered the requested functionality scope while laying the groundwork for unhampered user growth. Currently, the client is in the market for more partnerships and investment pools to proceed with further development.

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