Web Aggregator for Circular Jobs Distribution & Research

Building an analysis tool for environmentally aware labour market evolution
Customer location
  • Netherlands Netherlands
Project duration:
  • 1 year

Client and Business Goals

Located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the client is a contributor to the circular economy framework, with a business model largely targeted at smart production and consumption solutions development.

Joined with the United Nations Environment Programme, the client’s initiative was aimed at applying the circular economy concept to international business at scale. The strategy was to build a digital solution to generate and redistribute employment opportunities that to any extent support the circular job methodology principles.

In view of Symfa expertise in React framework engineering and legal domain practice, the client picked us as the best fit for the tech contractor. An on-premise meeting at their place nailed down all the client’s uncertainties, bringing us in the loop for the project, straight away.


Built from the ground up, the solution is an online tool that helps monitor changes within the circular jobs market by collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data on the opportunities changes over time. The app features a global digital choropleth map and a business canvas.


  • Tracks jobs range, exact number, and location 
  • Garners data to analyze cross-sector economic relationships
  • Classifies jobs as indirectly, enabling or core circular

Target user groups


  • Choose economic sectors to be involved in building circular strategies
  • Track circular economy policies progress
  • Influence labour market upon stats generation and research

Economists, social & labour organisations

  • Access circular employment data in real time
  • Analyze the jobs geographical distribution
  • Understand country-level skills needs
  • Make data-driven efforts within the regions, sectors, and industries 
  • Get a baseline for domain-specific scenario modeling

Work done

  • Backend & frontend development
  • Map & business canvas rendering


  • Express
  • React
  • PostgreSQL


Completely up and running, the solution is brought in line with the UN intergovernmental business regulations and successfully released within harsh timelines. The client appreciated the accomplishment, happy about the team staying ahead of the delivery plans all the way through.

Live and available internationally, the platform shows a swift user growth, serving as a starting point for niche circular economy contributors looking to tackle the most urgent market calls.

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