Multi-Currency Crypto Wallet for Android & iOS

Bringing in uncompromised asset security and advanced liquidity under low fee
Customer location
  • Denmark Denmark
Project duration
  • 5 months

Client and Business Goals

A pioneering blockchain contributor, the client is a well-established tech innovator delivering on a global scale. Their business is focused on building, testing, and marketing custom blockchain solutions, as well as implementing out-of-the-box distributed ledger products into existing infrastructures.

Having an intense schedule with other projects, the client needed an outbound team to delegate a full engineering cycle of a white-label cryptocurrency wallet. The solution was expected to seamlessly integrate with their DeFi ecosystem in place so as to be up and running for the market launch ASAP.

Symfa was chosen due to our cross-domain expertise far beyond standard tech offering. Throughout our career, the team has been revolving around sophisticated projects within high-stakes industries like finance and insurance, which made us T-shaped enough to handle tasks of advanced complexity.


The mobile wallet is designed for crypto funds acquisition, storage, transfer, and exchange, providing rock-solid anonymity and transparency of transactions. Powered by an encrypted decentralized platform of advanced performance, the wallet is reliable, intuitive, and comprehensible for skilled and novice users alike.


  • Integrates with existing crypto exchange
  • Provides wallet-to-wallet fund transfer and trade
  • Handles transactions under 0.2% fee
  • Enables to set cryptocurrency pairs for exchange
  • Ensures fiat currency withdrawal
  • Allows to check the balance and transaction history


  • Built upon the client’s design specification
  • Synced via the client’s API
  • Natively runs on Android and iOS devices
  • Supports 50+ high-liquidity currencies like BTC and ETH
  • Secured by Touch ID, 2FA, and PIN protection
  • Features multi-language user-friendly interface
  • Offers basic and advanced modes


  • Next.js
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Java 8
  • React Native


Within the expected timescale, the team delivered a slick, technically sound and feasible solution that featured all the desired characteristics and supported a smooth workflow.

Outsourcing the project to Symfa helped the client save their inbound resources, keep up with their release plans, and drive countable profit.

Symfa gained the client’ assurance by demonstrating utmost progress transparency, accurately abiding by sprints, and coming up with sensible ideas for occasional troubleshooting.

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