FinTech Platform for Self-Service Banking

Working a web & mobile makeover within a legacy financial ecosystem
Customer location
  • Australia Australia
Project duration
  • 2 years

Client and Business Goals

The Client is a well-established finance planning and brokerage enterprise from Australia providing one-stop advisory on business risks and life insurance, alongside superannuation.

With their business processes underlying an obsolete web ERP system, the client faced a massive drop in workflow efficiency. The issue surfaced a need for revamping the existing tech infrastructure, so the client found themselves in the market for an engineering aid from the outside.

The mission was to rebuild the bugged legacy code with future-proof technologies while designing a flexible architecture with an eye to an easy switch from web to mobile. As an applicant for the job, Symfa stood out for its vast experience in code refactoring, along with a mastership dealing with microservice mobile-first app architectures, and extensive expertise in the Financial industry.


The client’s code refactoring helped discover critical data vulnerabilities, which the team successfully fixed by enhancing security protocols. To tie up more loose ends, our DevOps experts deployed a safely isolated Docker environment for running and updating the app to newer framework versions.

So far as the obsolete solution lacked scalability, we redesigned the architecture with adaptivity in mind, saving enough room for further functionality growth.


The team was to remedy a personal finance management solution enabling online advisory from insurance or pension funds specialists. By introducing neatly rebuilt code, implementing new features, and handling advanced API-led integrations, Symfa redesigned the app into a nimble self-service FinTech platform.

The system provides parameter-based recommendations while allowing all sorts of budget calculations, finance governance, goal-setting, and more.


  • Two-factor authentication
  • SMS notification
  • Financial calculation (loan, income, debt, etc.)
  • Budget planning advisory
  • Bank account syncing
  • External FinTech services integration

Work done

  • End-to-end code refactoring & bug fixing
  • Design & business logic reskinning
  • DevOps engineering
  • API-enabled banking transactions integration
  • Solution content updates
  • System security & acceptance testing
  • Post-acceptance code sanity support


  • Bootstrap
  • Docker
  • GoogleMaps API
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Apache-ant
  • Nginx
  • Wordpress
  • Linux
  • Symfony


The team has brought its 'A' game to keep their end of the bargain — and nailed the job. With renewed look and feel, automated banking routines, and well-vetted marketing strategies, the solution launch is afoot. The client is busy discussing a full technical maintenance contract with us, the support team expecting a heads-up.

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