Rebuilding a Multi-Currency Crypto Exchange for a Canadian FinTech Disruptor

Helping save investor funding after an unlucky outsourcing attempt
Customer location
  • Canada Canada
Project duration
  • 2 years

Client and Business Goals

The client is an ambitious Canadian FinTech startup company based on a family business with a share of venture capital.

Aiming at becoming a pioneering DeFi services provider throughout their region, the client was looking to create a smooth-running cryptocurrency exchange mobile app. The first vendor’s programming style made the client end up with nothing but spaghetti code, so the project risks got truly whopping.

To scrape through the problems and make it to the app launch, the firm reached out for help to Symfa due to our extensive FinTech  and blockchain engineering expertise, and a specialized service offering for startups. Under a harsh deadline, the team was supposed to audit the existing unstructured code, come up with a fixing roadmap, and handle the required engineering and stabilization scope.

Symfa did their best consulting with the client’s previous contractor on the solution’s business logic and tackled a comprehensive tech audit. Having detected critical issues within the flawed deliverables, the team mapped out their research-based suggestions on the code refactoring and optimization.


To deal with AlphaPoint digital matching engine’s recurring API disconnections and unsound JS library, the team was to completely rebuild the API documentation, which helped nail down the troubles in full.

The team also managed to catch and fix a grave security issue overlooked by the previous vendor, thus assisting client in avoiding potential system crashes and rollout delays while saving considerable spendings.

On top of handling the engineering tasks, Symfa aided the client in achieving robust SEO results. The team designed a custom marketing page that summarizes information on the most popular cryptocurrencies while providing all the featured trading charts and mining calculators.


The platform is a neat crypto exchange broker app with a user-driven design. Intended for finance market pros and beginners alike, the solution enables users to seamlessly settle cryptocurrency trades while charging minimized transaction fees.

The majority of the app clients’ funds reside on a cyber-protected multi-signature offline wallet. Streamlining activities with digital assets at scale, the solution reports on trading history and tracks portfolio growth over a chosen period of time. To automate investment and trading routines, users can even schedule recurring deals with their specified crypto pairs.

Work done

  • Front-end and back-end code refactoring
  • Design and architecture updates
  • Crypto exchange page design
  • Trading mechanisms implementation
  • FIAT currency withdrawal enablement
  • User account development
  • Authentication module engineering
  • Marketing page design and SEO support
  • QA, feature updates, and external integrations


  • Top cryptocurrencies support (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more)
  • Canadian digital security and banking regulations compliance
  • Cold and hot asset storage support
  • Same-day deposit and withdrawal settlements
  • Rich funding techniques
  • Instant digital ID and KYC verification
  • Database encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • IP address blocking security technique
  • Built-in insurance protection
  • Blogging activities support


  • Angular
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Nest.js
  • MongoDB
  • Twillo
  • TypeScript
  • AlphaPoint
  • JWT
  • Bootstrap
  • TradingView
  • TypeOrm


  • The app is live, fully up and running while showing an exponential user growth, which assured the client of making the right choice of their second tech partner.
  • The team hit the client with first major deliverables in as soon as a month, with further stabilization and updating being a matter of weeks.
  • Symfa impressed the client with the team’s integral analytics capabilities. On top of providing quality code, our experts came up with several lightbulb moment ideas that helped optimize business logic and performance.

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