Airbnb-inspired Web Portal for a London-based Rental Property Developer

Easy and comfy all-inclusive settlement options for expats
Customer location
  • UK UK
Project duration
  • 4 months

Client and Business Goals

A UK-based rental property developer contracted Symfa for web application design and development (MVP). The web application would be a local Airbnb version for expats listing residential communities of stylish all-inclusive apartments in prime London locations.


The delivered solution is a smart web portal that makes it easy for professionals to settle in a new city. The web portal boasts an airy design with all the key functionality displayed in a neat and intuitive manner. The web portal allows the users to:

  • book a new home/apartment in a few clicks;
  • find co-working and meeting spaces;
  • join community members with similar interests;
  • make payments easily and reliably.

The app is designed to be an all-in-one booking service, personal account portal (payments, account settings, optional services like cleaning) and maintenance portal to report quickly on issues like a blockage or a broken chair.


  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • Nginx
  • Wordpress
  • GoogleMaps API
  • Apache-ant


The Symfa team has successfully delivered the MVP including all the basic functionality within the project timeline.

The project is implemented using long-standing tech favorites such as PHP, WordPress, jQuery and others. This guarantees reliable predictive system operation and easy maintenance due to techs maturity, great support, and a wide community.

The resulting system is a user-friendly portal to an all-inclusive servicing, flexible booking terms, comfy furnished apartments equipped with high-end appliances and more. Using the service guarantees an enjoyable retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city for the customers of our client.

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