Luxury Vacation Booking Service Development

Helping design a sensible emailing layout & logic facilities
Customer location
  • Portugal Portugal
Project Duration
  • 5 months

Client and Business Goals

Our client is a Portugal-based international travel company offering premium class properties and rentals around Western Europe, North and South America, and the Middle East.

Partnering with luxurious resort mansions’ ambassadors, the client got to grips with building a classy booking platform enabling users to make their trip scheduling a breeze. The app was supposed to underlie flexible architecture to ensure easy integrations and functionality upgrades.

Halfway through the project, the client’s internal development team discovered that introducing reliable emailing functionality was too much of a challenge for them. Once they tried to handle it all by themselves, there was no telling how badly it could affect the timing.

Thinking ahead so as to avoid system flaws that could cost them investor funding, the client made up their mind to extend the team with a seasoned outbound contractor. Symfa stood out for its in-depth expertise in booking software development and solutions for the HoReCa domain and the ability to live up to the most stringent deadlines, getting the client convinced the cooperation will be a certain win.


To enable the client’s team to efficiently deploy emailing templates layout, Symfa engineering specialist developed a custom instrument supporting inline styles within HTML files. The tool helped quickly program the logic facilities and fit them into the existing CMS infrastructure.


The delivered app is a neatly designed and intuitively navigable booking service helping inquire rentals availability and schedule them in a few clicks. The platform ensures easy data management for their hosts, while providing users with multi-parameter filtering and custom offer packaging opportunities.

To enable the checked-in users receive VIP invitations and partner offers, Symfa underpinned the software environment with dedicated command-line utilities that helped schedule emailing jobs in line with specified dates, intervals, and time patterns.

Work done

  • Emailing layout & logic engineering
  • SendGrid wireframes development


  • Vue JS
  • SCSS
  • Pug
  • PHP
  • Stripe
  • Directus CMS
  • Cron
  • gulp.js


Working in parallel with the client’s inbound programming team, Symfa helped successfully release the solution within a shorter timescale. Happy with the partnership and the deliverables quality, the client reached out to the project financial stakeholders to plan further development stages.

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