RMA Automation through AI-driven Returns Platform

Hassle-free one-click goods return
Customer location
  • Israel Israel
Project duration:
  • 6+ months

Client and Business Goals

Our Israel-based client, a partner of one of PayPal companies, cooperates with online stores worldwide and helps customers manage returns, exchanges, and refunds via the Shopify platform. 

Many shopkeepers and retail chains that have online stores oftentimes struggle with the inefficient product return process. The increasing flow of requests for returns, exchanges, and refunds entails an unorganized return process, which displeases buyers. To help brands automate the return merchandise authorization (RMA) process, optimize their returns policies, encourage shoppers to exchange goods instead of returning, cut related expenses, and ensure a positive post-purchase customer experience, our client floated the idea to build an AI-based automated returns management platform. 

To implement the idea at its best, the client began searching for a reliable software development team with a strong technical background. Symfa has a proven track record of e-commerce projects, and is proficient in machine learning development, which assured the customer to hire us. 


  • The system is quite cumbersome and has lots of code to review, which retards the refactoring process.
  • Integration with each postal service is unique and has its own specifics. To fine-tune them correctly, a crystal-clear understanding of the requirements for each integration was of paramount importance.


The system consists of two applications communicating with each other, written with Node.js and PHP, and has a microservices architecture. The Node-based app is split into layers with controllers and services.  

System capabilities

  • Returns policy establishment and customization 
  • Returns to credits conversion
  • AI-driven tool for returns trends analysis


  • Easy integration with systems in use 
  • Large network of warehouses and drop-off locations worldwide
  • Direct connection with carriers and aggregators
  • Notifications at each stage of the return process
  • User data saving
  • 24/7 customer support

Work done

  • Requirements elicitation and processing 
  • Comprehensive code review 
  • Code refactoring
  • Writing code for third-party API integrations from scratch
  • Integration with multiple postal services 
  • Technical support as per user request


  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Nest.js
  • React
  • MySQL


The developed application helps track the return trends and optimize the return and exchange process with a data-driven approach. New integrations with a variety of postal services worldwide facilitated audience expansion and helped boost profit. 

Our engineering team continues working on the project and creating new postal integrations to expand the app’s geographical outreach and acquire a new audience.

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