Omni-Channel End-to-End eCommerce System Development

Working a complete digital sales & marketing transformation
Customer location
Project duration
  • 10+ years

Client and Business Goals

Our client is a US-based global wellness business that manufactures, distributes, and sells body care products and nutritional supplements via an independent network across North America, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

As a multi-level marketing company, the client relied on their associates in customer acquisition. The point came where their enrollment system and eCommerce websites required improvement. Both were based upon a commission engine serviced by specialized providers.

Hampered by repetitive switches to different providers, the client was having hard times developing sensible enrollment and eCommerce solutions that seamlessly supported their multi-channel marketing activities. They needed a reliable engineering partner with practical know-how to handle multiple ongoing projects and ramp up their IT system's performance and accuracy.

The client had previously hired Symfa as a contractor for a small-scale project that was a success, so they knew the team was responsible enough to tackle tech challenges of the upcoming project.


Originally, the client’s idea was to have their existing solution updated and reskinned. After a thorough website inspection and audit, Symfa found out some more substantial inefficiencies and progress bottlenecks than it was expected. The team came up with a detailed roadmap on how to rebuild the legacy mechanisms while cautiously fitting them into the established tech ecosystem.

  • The website was reengineered, with its databases restructured and optimized.
  • New Angular-powered reporting techniques and payment systems were implemented (ProPay, PayPal, Ctel, WorldPay, ThreatMetrix).
  • The team designed a new e-store specifically meant for the Asia region.
  • The website was restructured into three dedicated portals (annually redesigned), each supporting multiple languages and regions.
  • The IEM was underpinned by a specialized UI for stats tracking, data filtering, and import/export reset.
  • Symfa developed an import/export manager (IEM) that syncs internal and external databases while automating regional commodity flows and goods shipment processes.
  • The CMS system version was updated and optimized to correctly operate with third-party modules.
  • The team started the system’s cloud deployment


The team built an all-in-one marketing system that orchestrates eCommerce, enrollment, and resource planning efforts. Bringing together all the digital and physical sales points, it handles the entire customer and associate engagement cycle — from web portals to referral system to back office support.

The solution comprises a custom ERP system that ensures smooth workflows around online orders, shipping, accounting, commissioning, and intranet. It also provides solid and efficient communication between all the databases involved within the infrastructure.

Customer e-Store

  • Online shopping and delivery order
  • News and campaigning feed

Associate portal

  • Building, editing, and checking orders and more data
  • Generating sales reports and user trees

Admin/operator portal

  • Website content and user management
  • Access to analytical reports


  • Angular
  • .NET
  • Telerik (KendoUI)
  • MS SQL Server
  • jQuery
  • ASP.NET Core
  • VSO
  • Evoq


The solution has grown into a powerful sales and marketing management tool that unleashed measurable bottom line growth and helped expand the client’s market geography with 15 more countries. The solution proved to be financially feasible by completely meeting the client’s market turnover expectations.

  • With Symfa, the client has successfully launched their pre-planned campaigns, established a seamless workflow between the finance and marketing departments, and improved their IT system.
  • From a short-term engagement, the cooperation became a valued long-standing partnership.

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