Large-scale Ecommerce Solution with Custom Robots and Machine Translation

Delivering Top Fashion Brands to Remote Markets
Customer location
  • Germany Germany
Project Duration
  • 10+ years

Client and Business Goals

Our client is an online retailer of clothes and other goods of top fashion brands.

The client’s mission has always been to enable fashion shoppers from Eastern Europe to buy top-branded products not available locally. Initially, they distributed paper catalogs and processed orders placed via their call center. With the massive development of the e-commerce industry in the early 2010s, the client decided to invest in a major digital transformation of their business. They hired Symfa to develop a full-fledged web application that would support the full shopping cycle from order placement to door-to-door shipping allowing a seamless customer experience.


Every time our client’s partners undertook redesign or introduced new tokens as security means, our team was to look for options to ensure stable data collection to maintain units, sizes, and colors of goods on the client's website up-to-date.

Another challenge we faced and overcame successfully was to map product trees specific for each of 30 suppliers with the client’s own unified product tree. Careful mapping required scrutiny and allowed updating catalogs automatically.


Our cooperation with the client started in 2010. During this period we developed a full-blown online sales and marketing solution integrated with Mindbox, PayPal, and PickPoint. Product availability and price validity are checked in real time on multiple partner platforms by robots, namely Document object model (DOM) parsing and text pattern matching robots. We also developed a robot that collects testimonials about different goods from other websites, provides machine translation, and adds them to the UI on the corresponding product page.

Other features

  • Automated product organization in a catalog tree.
  • A desktop app synced with the product database where the call-center operators check goods in stock.
  • Machine translation of product details — from the product name to fabric and wash care instructions — to the local language.
  • Integration with PickPoint allows the customer to pick up their orders from parcel terminals in the most convenient location.


  • MS Visual Studio
  • MS SQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • Jenkins
  • DotNetNuke
  • PickPoint
  • PayPal
  • Mindbox


We developed a DNN-based eCommerce solution from scratch in 6 months. The rollover marked the client’s business transition to an upgraded process. Conceived as a B2C service targeting a specific geography, our client's business expanded to other regions leveraging the powerful ecommerce solution we delivered.

The product is technically sound, supports all desired workflows, and enhances the client’s BTL sales promotion:

  • Stock availability and price relevance for 400k items is synced with 8 online platforms ceaselessly.
  • Mindbox, synced through their API with our system, allows for mindful email marketing which enhances the total online store revenue by 50%.

A decade later we continue cooperating with the client providing 24/7 technical support, applying a new tech stack, and adding new features.

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