Database Migration and Salesforce Integration for Tobacco Wholesaler

Boosting reliability to support BTL marketing efforts
Customer location
Project duration:
  • 1.5 years (ongoing)

Client and Business Goals

The client is a leading tobacco wholesaler in the US with 100k+ orders per month. The client was looking for a team to ensure continuous improvement and tech support of their website and the eCommerce solution it incorporated, and fix critical bugs which impeded their BTL marketing efforts.


The less powerful technologies such as CoffeeScript and jQuery as well as outdated documentation and partially its absence posed the biggest challenge. They complicated the refactoring of the legacy code and slowed down the progress.


The product in the spotlight automates the processing of orders placed via the website and other interactions with the company’s clients. The Symfa team developed and implemented a solution that connects it with Demandware (Salesforce), a cloud-based CRM with no need to take care of servers, databases, and their administration. A custom script automatically adds all auctions won to Demandware.

Our development team performed database migration from mLab to MongoDB Atlas to ensure the reliability and safety of data, and regulate the backup and storage of copies. We wrote scripts to replace manual sequential change of configurations for client’s services with an automated password reset every quarter.

Kanban was the preferred methodology used on this project. It is best suited for the technical support project that presupposes a multitude of bug fixes and urgent tasks.


  • AWS
  • Express
  • JavaScript
  • MongoDB
  • Ubuntu


After solid bug-fixing, code refactoring, database migration, partial functional improvements, the client enjoys a reliable product. The Symfa team helped mitigate several critical financial risks previously caused by corrupt promo code application procedures. The client utilizes the web solution to facilitate BTL sales promotion through promo codes, bonus buys, and other techniques. 

The client trusted the Symfa team with further technical support and continuous improvements of this product, and our collaboration continues.

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