Migration of Online Auctioning Platform

Reengineering code to drive eCommerce efficiency
Customer location
Project duration:
  • 6+ months

Client and Business Goals

One of the largest US retailers and wholesalers of premium cigars, fine domestic and imported pipe tobacco, and massive inventory of related products like humidors, boxes, lighters, and beyond.

With an outdated system code at the core of the client’s major eCommerce platform, they weren’t satisfied with scalability, interoperability, and performance characteristics. To revamp user experience, engage new audiences, and bolster market promotion, the client was looking to move the solution to new technology rails.

The potential vendor was to rebuild the codebase while migrating the existing functionality and UI to develop an upgraded responsive web app swiftly interacting with Salesforce Commerce Cloud parameters. The decisive factor for bringing the Symfa team in the loop as a tech partner was our massive expertise in app migration, legacy app modernization and maintenance.


To simplify web pages rendering, the team moved the process to the server side to then pass it to the browser. Also, we’ve introduced CronJobs scripts to replace the legacy ones and automate repetitive auctioning tasks.

The measures taken by the team helped boost performance, with database response, sorting results, and computing operations running with no longer than 3 seconds delay in 95% of cases.


By decomposing the system into its constituent parts while configuring the nodes responsible for deployment, operation, and data processing, the team delivered a highly scalable platform displaying a wealth of product information at a click. With advanced search filters, users make sure they won’t get lost in the assortment.

The solution’s major competitive edge is the auctioning functionality. To win premium cigars and accessories at discounted prices, customers are allowed to choose desired products and bid on them. Easily navigable, the process is facilitated by text instructions and notifications on auctioning results.


  • Advanced data protection
  • Classic, Dutch, Freefall, and Rapid Fire auctions support
  • Categorized search
  • Quick registration
  • Accessible filtering
  • Email notification
  • Product bidding
  • Adding products to WatchList
  • Individual bid history view
  • Redirection to the main platform

Work done

  • SRS development
  • Web development
  • Quality assurance
  • Excellent UX across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms
  • Integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Windows / Android Chrome & Safari Portrait support


  • AWS
  • Jenkins
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • React
  • TeamCity
  • Incapsula
  • Cloudways


The team proved being a responsible technology provider by bringing in field expertise at its best and handling the job to a T. The delivered product helped the client push their target market boundaries and expand the consumer circle while increasing revenue and user retention. With product highlighting and bidding tools, the client can stronger influence consumer choices, encourage them to buy more, and leave competitors behind the game.

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