SaaS Product for Enterprise-Level Audit and Inspection Management

ML-powered solution with robust BI enjoyed by Fortune 500 giants
Customer location
  • Canada Canada
Project duration:
  • 2 years

Client and Business Goals

A Canadian tech innovator specializing in enterprise-level risk management software solutions that support product verification, inspections of equipment, industrial safety, job-related instructions observance, and other processes validation.

To enable the above, the client offered their customers a script-originated solution allowing them to recognize email-sent checklists and store them rule-based into a database. As the business grew, the client faced the need to revamp the product technology-wise and significantly expand its functionality in order to meet the needs of their demanding customers coming from various industries and geographies.

With proven Business Intelligence and ETL solution development expertise and a genuine interest in cutting-edge tech, the Symfa team was entrusted with the product engineering challenge.


Leveraging our ML competency, our team was to come up with a solution allowing the processing of over 2M checklists yearly, that is around 8K checklists per day. Our team was to tackle the following tasks:

  • Create a markup builder to recognize checklists in their graphical and handwritten diversity: hundreds of questions with several answer options for each question.
  • Configure data projection from checklists into an online database to implement the data model suiting any business needs.
  • Optimize data storage for quick on-demand data retrieval and access.
  • Ensure automatic deployment for each individual custom system with parameter-rich subsystems to avoid configuration issues.


The ML-powered web solution for checklist data collection, digitalization, and analytics with on-demand data access was developed revolving around the client's database structure. Over the years of our cooperation, it has become a full-fledged SaaS. The product visualizes digitized-checklists data, enables in-depth analytics and reporting, and creates online business-specific checklists.

At a later cooperation stage, our team created a cross-platform mobile application using PhoneGap and Angular. Checklists generated in the desktop app are filled out in the mobile app both online and offline, with a delayed sync with the server upon later network connection restoration.

Tech highlights

  • A Windows-service powers email collection and sorting with IMAP integration enabling frequent email checks along with their online and offline manipulation. A custom notification warns the user of emails with missing or illegibly scrawled checklists. The Email Log helps monitor email and checklist statuses.
  • Thorough analysis and comparison of checklists filled out on paper with the electronic database paved the way to introducing an OCR-supported form designer. Its machine learning algorithms ensure 100% accuracy of digitized data and allow custom finetuning of its storage rules in a database.
  • The SaaS delivery model with a multitenant architecture enables automatic addition and support of new client’s customers. On a subscription basis, each customer is provided with their own version of the system and the associated customizations, data and access controls.
  • Visual data analysis and a streamlined reporting system are implemented through the OLAP-analytics approach. The real-time reports are generated customly based on various parameters and are displayed on configurable dashboards. Reports can be exported into .pdf, .xls, or .csv formats.
  • On top of ASP.NET Membership, custom providers were implemented as an admin panel. They are deployed as a separate instance for each business case. Thus, each client's customer, as Admin, creates and groups user profiles as well as assigns roles and grants permissions.


  • Angular
  • ASP.NET Core
  • MS SQL Server
  • MS SQL
  • PhoneGap
  • CodeOnTime
  • Cube reports


The delivered solution is a SaaS product helping digitize voluminous checklist-based data on the fly. It collects, stores and analyzes data from paper, browser, and mobile devices to help manage conformity assessment activities, mitigate risks, incidents, and issues, and report compliance and performance metrics.

One of the early adopters of the new product was a Fortune 500 multinational food holding, followed by dozens of enterprises delivering on a global scale. ​​Currently used by several hundred thousand experts, the product has proved to be a trustworthy, business-adaptable, and powerful enterprise-level audit and inspection management solution.

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