Feature-rich User Feedback Platform Development

Unbiased user feedback tool to boost product performance, access sales and competitor intelligence
Customer location
Project duration:
  • 5+ years

Client and Business Goals

A US-based sales industry disruptor approached Symfa with a software project aimed at enhancing the sales processes through sales intelligence. A software developer themselves, the client company uncovers the reasoning behind yes’es and no’s of the buyers and thus shows their customers the verified direction for growth. We readily embarked on the endeavor to help businesses all over the globe get to the roots of their sales victories and losses.

The software we were contracted to design was to automate the user feedback process. Through dynamic surveys customized according to the buyer persona, industry and the deal type, the software gets unbiased customer feedback on the ‌product performance and the company’s sales missteps. The software processes the obtained information and provides the users with easily digestible reports and dashboards to generate actionable insights.


Over the five years that Symfa was part of the globally distributed team, the project faced and tackled several challenges.

  • Besides overseas contractors, the client company has in-house developers and sets the development course themselves. To get maximum advantage of the globally distributed team, the client needed a seamless team play and top commitment from each talent on board. Although there was no full-time PM on our side to manage 7 Symfa talents involved on the project, our full-stack developers and QA engineers showed utmost dedication to the endeavor's success and performed as one together with the rest of the client team.
  • High scalability has always been among the client’s top priorities. This was achievable through implementing a microservice-based architecture, which is de facto a more challenging and resource-intensive approach than building a monolithic application. Currently, the application is divided into four microservices – Core (analysis, editing, interview planning, and client module), the Interview microservice, Backend to work with API and the Cron Service.

Not only does it allow for dynamic load growth, but also guarantees outstanding performance of its multiple modules and seamless data flow. The app already has several thousands of active users and sees constant audience growth. Due to the well-planned system design, the architecture poses no limitations as to its future expansion.


What was conceived as an easy-to-use win-loss evaluation tool ended up being a sophisticated microservices-powered giant under the hood. The application comprises over 100 pages, almost each of which is a separate module (admin, interview, visualization, etc.).

Work done

  • Admin modules allow creating client accounts, providing them with access levels of various types, managing those access rights, managing settings for data display and data export for each client and more.
  • The functionality of the interview modules enables creating and holding detailed buyer interviews. Each interview is recorded and edited to be later used for deep-down analysis, which also happens within the Interview modules.
  • Visualization modules package is a rich set of visualization features that allow generating survey-based charts, tables and dashboards.

Feedback collection process

As the primary goal of the application was to streamline the user feedback collection process through automation, our team carved the automation features with utmost scrupulousness. The event or time-based reports are generated and sent automatically to the recipient’s email or to the Slack/Microsoft Teams account.

The interviews are arranged via Calendly. The software can integrate with the customers’ applications via a specifically designed API for more automation features.


  • TypeScript
  • JS
  • Angular
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • React.js
  • jQuery
  • MongoDB
  • Nest.js
  • Next.js
  • Mongoose
  • Google Cloud
  • KendoJS


In five years, the distributed team has done a tremendous job including changing the tech stack, adding tons of new functionality and giving core features generous support.

The client’s team sets the overall development course, implements and manages 3rd party services integrations and rewrites the app on React. The Symfa talents add new functionality and support the existing features. Together, we’ve achieved great talent synergy that results in an actively growing app that users enjoy.

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