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Frictionless migrations to the cloud, microservices & higher software versions.
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Taming modern technologies seems too overwhelming to you? We have your back here! Let us help you migrate your business to drive higher efficiency – choose cloud, microservices or simply a higher software version.

Application migration services we offer

Our competencies stretch far beyond cloud migration managed services. Check out our standalone options or all-in-one application migration service package that includes everything you need for a frictionless application revamp.
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Cloud migration

We combine all 7R in our cloud application migration services to deliver the best results for you. Depending on your needs, some of your assets would be simply relocated, while others may require a bit of refactoring or replatforming.

Monolith to cloud to microservices migration

Move your monolith app running on physical servers to the cloud. Rebuild it into a microservices-based application in a cloud development cluster. Physical servers turn into cloud VMs. No need to buy a new server with each new service – we’ll virtualize the stuff and scale it dynamically in the cloud.

Why microservices?

Break your monolithic application into smaller pieces and gain more independence to change things the way you want. Migrating to microservices also enables easier data exchange, along with resilience and scalability.

Why cloud?

Microservices love the cloud. As microservices are small, they fit nicely into the network of dynamic nodes scattered around the globe, which cloud vendors gladly provide to businesses on favorable terms.

Why all three all at once?

These aren’t three separate digital transformations. Microservices without cloud won’t give you the market benefits you expect – you’ll have to buy, rack and stack a new server each time you start with a new service. Cloud also loves scaling small things – be it 5 or 500. On top of that, cloud without DevOps isn’t half as useful – with Kubernetes one easily puts that microservice in a container straight away and scales it dynamically the moment they need it.

Why Cloud DevOps?

DevOps brings cloud and microservices together. It provides resiliency through a combination of a system administration and development talent which results in a failure-proof system.

Monolith to cloud migration

Increasing cloud adoption has somehow forced the good old monolith out of the software development scene. Luckily monolith is back into play, as strong as ever, and ready for the cloud.
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Discovery and Elaboration for Cloud Migration Projects

As an experienced cloud migration company, we know firsthand that each migration strategy better meets the needs of a given application. Take advantage of the Discovery phase that we offer during which our Discovery team (BA, PM and a Tech Lead) will make the cost vs benefit ratio of each cloud migration strategy crystal clear for you.

Cloud DevOps

Each project poses its unique challenges. We’ve developed a Cloud DevOps roadmap that helps our teams bring each and every project we undertake to the right track, regardless of the complexity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions.
We have answers.

Is migration a troublesome endeavor? Should I better leave my system untouched? The questions that bother you most answered in plain English.
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Should I migrate from monolith to microservices?

Does the cloud provide the same benefits for monolith as for the microservice-based application?

Is Cloud DevOps as good as they say?

Is my application ready for cloud/microservices migration?

Should I migrate to a higher software version?

Should I migrate to the cloud?

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