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Unleash the power of cloud to scale faster, operate more efficiently, and reduce IT infrastructure costs.

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Smooth cloud migration with no disruption to your business

Cloud migration is a complex, time-consuming endeavor. At Symfa, our full suite of cloud migration services is designed to make sure that the cloud migration process is also value-driven and organized around the client's business goals.

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Clouds we work with

Each cloud service provider has their own strengths. As a cloud migration company working with leading CSP, we know first-hand what those strengths as well as limitations are. Contemplating about the best fit for your business? Pick the brains of our accredited cloud engineers who will readily share their hard-earned knowledge to inform your cloud migration strategy and help you implement it.


Covering all your cloud deployment needs

To deliver on the promise, your cloud deployment model must effectively address your unique challenges and be tightly aligned with your long-term objectives. Do you have heavy but highly predictable workloads or do you experience spikes in demand? How critical is real-time solution performance for your business?

By taking these and other factors into account, our cloud experts will help you choose the right cloud deployment model to maximize your ROI from cloud migration.

Public cloud

Are you looking for smooth, hassle-free scalability for your rapidly growing business? Do you want global presence with the highest levels of availability? Let us help you exploit the numerous benefits offered by public cloud vendors.

Private cloud

If you are set to gain complete control over your computing resources to ensure maximum performance for your network- or compute-intensive applications, we are here to assist you with a private cloud infrastructure.

Hybrid setup

Some business cases call for the best from both worlds. If you need the flexibility to scale up and down on demand while keeping your sensitive data within a private environment, our team will help you with an optimal hybrid setup for your workloads.

Multicloud setup

Trying to avoid vendor lock-in? No problem. Let our DevOps engineers set up your own multicloud environment that would leverage the best cloud services and features while overcoming cost limitations of a single cloud provider.

Cloud-agnostic approach

Our cloud professionals can help you build a cloud-agnostic infrastructure compatible across public and private clouds. This way, if pricing or performance changes, you can switch cloud providers with minimum headache.

Cloud exit

If you have plans to leave the cloud for cost optimization reasons, we can help with that, too. Our cloud specialists will thoroughly assess your workloads, identify the best candidates for cloud repatriation and move them on-prem, with no loss in performance.

Choosing the right cloud migration strategy

We combine all 7R in our cloud application migration services to deliver the best results for you. Depending on your needs, some of your assets would be simply relocated, while others may require a bit of refactoring or replatforming.

Experience-led cloud optimization services

We know cloud cost optimization can be a really painful endeavor for data-driven enterprises and startups on a budget. Tap into our comprehensive DevOps and cloud optimization expertise to see how you can reduce the cloud bill while improving performance of your cloud workloads.

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For many years we have been providing cloud migration services for global clients across insurance, finance, ecommerce, healthcare, and beyond. From cloud migration consulting to implementation to post-migration optimization, we can offer you all the advice and support you need to make the technological leap.

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