SaaS-based CPQ Solution Development for US Security Management Leader

The CPQ that catalyzed M&A by Fortune 500 giant


Legacy code refactoring

Complete UI redesign

Full-fledged CPQ functionality

Cloud costs optimization

Custom DevOps dashboard

Customer location
Project duration:
  • 5+ year

The pain of outgrowing CRM capabilities

Founded in 2005, our client, a US-based company, has achieved a leading position in the security management market through an impressive suite of products and services including license plate recognition and facial recognition software and equipment, ballistic analysis equipment, and crime and incident mapping technology.

But as the client’s customer base was growing exponentially, it became clear that the existing CRM system was struggling to keep up with the business' rapid pace. The hard-to-maintain underlying code was causing problems of different magnitude – from sluggish document rendering time that hampered sales agents’ productivity to complete inability to add new features much needed for the business. 

A total system overhaul called for hands-on experience in complex CRM and ERP solutions, and that’s where Symfa stepped in. We embarked on this challenging project with the aim to make the system efficient and flexible while enhancing its functionality to support the client’s ambitious goals.

Navigating complex project dynamics and managing deadlines

From a legacy headache to a state-of-the-art CPQ system

To address the issues posed by poor code quality, the team started with rewriting frontend and backend to a new tech stack, all while improving the overall architecture. Yet, fueled by the client’s continuous stream of ideas, the project grew by leaps and bounds – what began as legacy CRM remodeling quickly evolved into an elaborate sales activation instrument.

The end solution is a complex CPQ system with robust functionality which has transformed a day in the life of a sales professional — from quote building, to proposals, to contract signing, and sales orders. The cherry on top is that the system is industry-agnostic as it was designed with ‘Black Box’ Plug-N-Play product configurators, which makes it easy to adjust it to the needs of any business or industry.

Front-end from AngularJS to Angular 8
Back-endfrom ASP.NET WebForms, ADO.NET to ASP.NET WebApi 2, ASP.NET Core 2, EntityFramework, Hangfire, xUnit

CPQ functionality


Quote building

The system provides easy access to accurate information about products, services, clients, and partners.



The CPQ allows creating visually appealing and personalized proposals by adding documents, images, and videos.


Contracts and agreements

All contracts and agreements are stored in a library-based storage, enabling salespersons to search, view and download any company contract within seconds.


Sales order generation

Accurate quote-based sales order generation in one click. Customizable modules. Fields auto-population (CRM-synchronized).


User management

The solution offers a complex network of access levels (admin, sales manager, salesperson, order support, OR manager, standard).



The system features an e-sign feature via HelloSign service (PC, mobile and tablet compatible).


Bucket/Tier pricing

The platform allows using complex pricing strategies to accommodate distributors, resellers, dealers, etc.


Comprehensive analytics

Additional Visibility Layer (days to purchase, client outreach, product margins, and more), and detailed reporting features provide extra insights for a 360-degree business view.



  • .NET
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Entity Framework
  • Jenkins
  • Angular
  • Docker
  • MySQL
  • Hangfire
  • xUnit

Value-driven DevOps efforts

We launched our DevOps initiatives for the project by establishing a Docker-based mail server and crafting a mail tracking mechanism. As the project progressed, our DevOps engineer helped ensure its seamless operation – from facilitating the migration to AWS to configuring monitoring systems and crafting a custom dashboard for a comprehensive project overview.



Business value: From an eyesore to an eye-candy

After five years of dedicated effort, the once lackluster system has undergone a complete transformation. With a sleek interface, efficient codebase, and an array of powerful features, this fully-fledged CPQ solution drives productivity of the client’s sales agents.

After the successful system launch, the client made a special offering to their Partner Network who also implemented the system to activate their digital selling. Moreover, the system is designed to allow each corporate client to build plugins. This means any business within the client’s Partner Network may add tools to modify prices, add new data to the sales documents or easily implement a fully-featured multi-page module. Recognizing the growing demand, the client decided to transform the CPQ into a SaaS-based solution and released it as such with great commercial success.

The solution revolutionized the sales activity within the client’s company, which was acquired by the Fortune 500 giant soon after the CPQ launch. After the M&A, we continued working on further product enhancements.

UX/UIclean, user-friendly design
Codere-written to modern tech stack
CloudAWS-based infrastructure for superior scalability and flexibility
Costsconfiguring master server and build agents to slash cloud costs by up to 4 times

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