Cross-Discipline Business & Tech Analysis for a Medical Reporting Supervision App

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Project duration:
  • 1 month

Client and Business Goals

The client, a US-based web design and development studio, had their heart set on a prospective partnership with a customer from the legal domain, but lacked the required tech analytics background and engineering skills. To delegate the research and development heavy-lifting, they needed an outsourced contractor.

The search for a reliable vendor took the client to Symfa, as they were impressed by the team’s clear understanding of requirements and field expertise. The decisive arguments were our agility, attention to detail, and ability to analyze and envision the project for them.


So far as the client couldn’t boast an outstanding facility for tech roadmapping, they asked for extra advisory prior to getting the project started. Symfa proved to be ready, willing, and able to dig around for niche-specific information and explained the benefits and pitfalls of every approach and framework.

Delighted about avoiding expensive mistakes, the client highly appreciated the team’s ability to suggest sensible and resource-efficient alternatives as opposed to mindlessly accepting their every idea.


From the ground up, Symfa developed an elaborate software requirement specification for a cross-domain digital reporting platform. The service is meant for managing relationships between medical, law, and insurance contractors through the uploaded reports and invoices.

The solution’s potential users are law firms, insurance companies, and healthcare institutions interested in controlled medical accounting, witness, and appointments billing.

Features in the spotlight

  • Two-step authentication
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Paypal, credit cards & checks support
  • Cyber-secure messaging

Super admin

  • Provides tech support
  • Manages data & reports
  • Controls billing & report pricing
  • Helps specialists with appointment bookings
  • Confirms invoices

Medical specialists

  • Provide available appointments
  • Receive letters of intent & booking
  • Examine patients
  • Handle payment validation
  • Release PDF reports

Lawyers & case managers

  • Pick required specialists
  • Book appointments
  • Write letters of intent
  • Receive & pay invoices

Law & insurance firms

  • Add lawyers & grant them access
  • Build billing & appointment reports
  • Book appointments


Within a perfectly good timing, Symfa rolled out a neat tech specification containing a well-planned design and engineering path. Keeping the team in the loop for the next development stages yet needing additional funding support, the client took their time for a contingency plan.

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