Code Review & Refactoring for an mHealth App

Refining a preventive cancer detection solution
Customer location
  • Israel Israel
Project duration
  • 1 month

Client and Business Goals

Our client is a software company focused on edge technologies, building AI-enabled conversational platforms and AR/VR experiences for SMEs and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Having a time-sensitive project on their hands, the client’s team faced understaffing. Specifically, they lacked Flutter engineering specialists for reviewing and refactoring their existing code. The critical purpose was to fix the bugged app, update its OS and get it fully prepared for store submission.

While selecting a contractor, the client considered refactoring expertise a decisive advantage. Symfa was brought in the loop for having a perfectly suitable track record. As soon as the product executives and development team sat with us to discuss the job, the deal was sealed.


For starters, the solution badly needed fixing several critical issues that hampered even getting it running. Other than dealing with the operational bugs, Symfa had to restore some functional elements that went missing for reasons beyond our control.

Yet, the product’s legacy code naturally was the major concern. The team reviewed the obsolete deliverables and came up with an analysis-driven roadmap on code base enhancements. Alongside new features implementation, we renovated the Android libraries for the app to smoothly run across all modern devices.


Designed for medical NGO missioners improving healthcare in underserved African communities, the app aids in early cancer diagnosis. The mHealth solution provides patient questionnaires and helps detect symptoms while collecting the EHR data into a secure storage base.

Work done

  • Code review, refactoring & bug fixing
  • iOS & Android apps OS update
  • Functionality update
  • UI/UX & navigation improvemen
  • GIT review
  • App store submission assistance


  • Dart
  • Flutter
  • Windows
  • MacOS Catalina


With the functionally flawless product delivered right on time, for Symfa the partnership was a high-profile win. The client was pleased to get the solution completely fixed and polished to a T. Harnessing our team’s aid, they successfully published the app on the target stores.

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