Rearchitecting Mobile App to Enhance Health Insurance Accessibility

Multi-platform solution for personal wellness control
Customer location

Client and Business Goals

The client, an American innovator focused on digital-first telecommunications, had an app created during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate packaging health insurances. The more the solution was live, the more critical issues its architecture revealed.

In need of a reputable software engineering partner to reorganize the app’s tech structure and navigation while targeting it at Asian markets, the client let the Symfa team step in, taking into account insurance and healthcare were among the company’s domain specialties.


The team restructured the Android and iOS apps while designing clean and smoothly navigable UIs. Aimed at simplifying selection and purchase of insurance packages, the app also enables users to share their health indices with a select community of friends and family.

Within a vast range of parameters from body age and BMI to wrinkle index, the solution collects comprehensive body measuring data. Protected by Face ID technology, the information translates into visualized charts helping users monitor their progress over time.

Major modules

News feed 

Announcements of upcoming wellness and healthcare-related events


Notifications on new health programs launched with the ability to dismiss them after reading

Insurance policies

Active policies, view and purchase of new policy offerings

Health programs

External vendor offerings like hospital locator, symptom detector, AI-enabled health check based on machine learning tech


Within an extremely tight timescale, the team delivered a brand-new intuitive app design that nailed the client’s purposes in full. The intelligent in-app upsell helped boost insurance services sales, while the solution’s extensive social capabilities and personalization adapted it for usage all across the US.

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