Uber-like Location-Based Web & Mobile App for Nurses

Compensating insufficient staffing in healthcare facilities
Customer location
Project duration:
  • 1+ year

Client and Business Goals

Our client is a US-based startup business providing impactful solutions focused around healthcare and eCommerce domains.

Being well aware of the critical difficulties within healthcare facilities even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the client made up their mind to first address the issue of insufficient staffing. This largely concerns the overloaded nursing specialists, today stressing out for they haven’t seen a vacation for what feels like ages. Naturally, this badly affects job satisfaction and patient care quality alike.

To help facilities handle inefficient workload distribution, the client ideated on an app that provides medical staff with extensive employment opportunities while increasing accessibility of healthcare services for patients. The solution was to be future-proof, contributing to the sharing economy extension.

Symfa made it to qualify for the outsourced vendor due to a rich mobile and web engineering portfolio underlying robust cross-disciplinary skills, with numerous healthcare and smart economy projects to its name.


The client was determined to obtain a fully-functioning app within stringent timescale restrictions. The haste was about an approaching international healthcare tech conference where they were looking to showcase the solution to gain wider market recognition and investor support.

Symfa team went an extra mile to hand-pick a T-shaped team able to deliver clockwork features sprint after sprint while resisting the high deadline pressure. The experts dug deep into the industry standards and made it to provide all the necessary whitepapers, specifications, and compliance reports.


Featuring Uber-like business logic and easily navigable UI design, the solution comprises web and mobile apps for both patients and medical institutions. The platform allows people in need of healthcare assistance to request home nursing in a few clicks, while enabling registration of service providers, their internal staff, and independent certified individuals.

Major features


  • Location-based requests mapping
  • Fees and overloads calculation
  • In-app payment processing
  • Feedback exchange
  • Payment and shift history logging
  • Helpdesk team support

Functionality highlights

  • Intuitive management and controls
  • Flexible shift workload governance
  • Automatic blocking of unlicensed job applicants
  • 24/7 online requests management
  • Role-based administration settings

Major modules


  • Controls system settings, including help desk and all the facility and nurses pages, views user feedback, bans unqualified workers

  • Creates and cancels shifts, accepts or declines job applicants, leaves feedback, views applicants’ profiles
Facility administrator

  • Manages facility’s page and scheduler rights
System host

  • Provides workload, accepts or declines incoming requests, manages shifts, views facility profile

Work done

  • Business analysis
  • Software requirements specification
  • UI/UX design
  • Web and mobile apps development
  • Admin panel engineering
  • Modules interoperability roadmapping
  • Flexible shift workload governance
  • Custom user roles setting
  • The US healthcare regulations compliance reporting


  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Flutter
  • AWS
  • CI/CD


Symfa delivered a seamlessly operating solution while living up to all the time, quality, and cost responsibilities. Happy with the end result, the client successfully demoed the product at the target event and won over substantial investor funding for further solution development. The team proved the ability to withstand the tech maturity stress tests, growing its Flutter framework muscle for future projects.

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