Blockchain Web Explorer for Tracking of Crypto Exchange Activities

Helping jump-start the rollout of a DeFi market analytics tool
Customer location
  • Denmark Denmark
Project duration
  • 5 months

Client and Business Goals

As a European enterprise blockchain, cybersecurity, and business automation solutions provider, the client had a large project building a full-blown analytics service for industrial-grade BitShares blockchain. The most urgent task was to quickly design an intuitively navigable and power-added MVP with sensible search capabilities to override the upscale DeFi market competitors.

To help them through the web engineering phase, the client was after a reputable development partner with a consistent track record in blockchain and cryptography — exactly everything Symfa was.


Symfa made it to handle continuous integration and delivery, despite tech specification delays and several change requests.

Easy real-time navigation around massive data sets was a critical requirement, which stimulated the team to hand-pick a package of robust techniques that assured failure-free processes and lightning-fast client-server communication.


Our team was responsible for creating a public blockchain-based web browser adapted for mobile and desktop platforms. The delivered solution is meant for traders, marketers, and developers who deal with DeFi tools at scale.

Focused on analyzing crypto market trends, the platform also allows the exchange of distributed assets by means of BTS (BitShares) transactions. All the user activities get logged and constantly updated in blockchain nodes, with asset exchange fluctuations displayed on the dashboard at short notice.


  • Transactions, accounts, and tokens monitoring
  • Blockchain blocks generation tracking
  • Complete transaction history logging and analysis
  • Real-time crypto asset value quotation
  • Data filtering and visualization
  • Docker platform integration


  • BitSharescan
  • MongoDB
  • Next.js
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • Redis
  • SSR
  • HTML5
  • Elastic Search


  • By utilizing a parallel development approach, the team delivered all the MVP components on time and within the budget.
  • The app launch was a success, with the solution showing rock-solid load-resistance, scalability, and fault-tolerance.
  • To ensure seamless BTS transactions, no matter what, Symfa team dug deep into the BitShares ecosystem specifics, thus seizing the opportunity to foster our blockchain engineering mastership.

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