Crypto Web App Supporting the WWF & Green Economy Principles

Helping kick-start a DeFi solution preventing uncontrolled deforestation
Customer location
  • France France
Project duration
  • 3 months

Client and Business Goals

The client is a small French company focused on contributing to wild nature protection through FinTech advances.

Concerned about planet harm reduction, the client aimed to create a blockchain-powered solution enabling users to stake custom-built tokens and gain passive rewards for environmental activities. The major requirements to a prospective outsourced partner were to be well into the distributed ledger tech specifics and remember to strictly keep within the budget restrictions.

The search for a decent contractor didn’t last long, as Symfa has made a good impression with the team’s sensible tech capabilities throughout earlier cooperation.


  • The engineering expert has made it to build the solution from scratch, no matter the absence of software requirements documentation and project management resources.
  • To handle the issue of pending transactions, the specialist implemented an automated tracking system that corrects gas price to remove the workflow roadblocks. The major communication workload gets managed through the front-end MetaMask browser extension calls.
  • As further solution improvement and promotion steps, Symfa suggested updating it to the Ethereum 2.0 version that merges with the older one. As soon as the product reaches the PoS, the Ethereum network reduces power consumption to over 90%.


Unlike a traditional stablecoin, the solution’s custom tokens’ value isn’t fixed to the US dollar exclusively, but represents sustainable forest and agriculture plantation invoices. Each time the users come up with their eco initiatives, the app mints new tokens. The asset holders community can vote for launching the activity they find the most impactful. 

With the invoices audited and approved by a third-party WWF-compliant governor, the users can give a start to real-life environmental campaigns while obtaining liquid rewards.


  • Ethereum smart contract-executed operational security
  • Multi-factor activity verification for better cost-efficiency
  • Owner’s ultimate smart contract management privacy
  • Maximized load bandwidth, with over 50K orders per second

Major modules

Smart contracts

  • Ethereum ERC20 fungible tokens
  • Staking for the network rewards
  • Voting for eco projects


  • Active module with an API for the landing page & admin dashboard support
  • Passive module for control of smart contract-executed activities


  • Web landing with smart contract methods calls capabilities 
  • Admin panel for smart contract management methods calls

Work done

  • Smart contract business logic elements
  • Complete smart contract test coverage
  • Smart contract development, testing, main net & test net deployment environment
  • Landing page layout
  • React-powered back-end & front-end elements


  • Docker
  • Fastify
  • JavaScript
  • Linux
  • MongoDB
  • React
  • Solidity


The team delivered its first scope of works on promise and within the budget. Yet, the project was put on hold due to the client’s financial resource restrictions, with stablecoin development remaining the project’s major bottleneck.

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