CRM System Development to Automate Cell Tower Maintenance

Reducing manual work for managing wireless facilities maintenance & enabling data analytics
Customer location
Project duration:
  • 4+ years

Client and Business Goals

Providence Real Estate Consulting, LLC is a provider of telecommunications site development services and a licensed real estate brokerage firm in the USA.

Providence was looking to develop a CRM system to automate business processes in their cell tower business, namely the wireless facilities maintenance process. With 300 ongoing customer projects, our client realized that many of their established business processes became tedious and redundant. They were looking to optimize them and improve overall efficiency.

After the client provided initial information about the project goals, we suggested a tech vision of a client-server solution that would use an Admin dashboard template as a base, with customizations to follow at later stages. Symfa outran 20+ vendors competing for this project having demonstrated tech expertise and domain knowledge.


The resulting product is a specialized CRM system that serves to automate the monitoring and maintenance of cell towers. It supports bringing into service the equipment installed on the cell towers and its maintenance planning.

Technical highlights

  • Interconnection of telecommunication tower elements and zones by creating appropriate dependencies to monitor and manage the towers properly.
  • A built-in sorting and filtering system, which allows for displaying the necessary information in all interconnected modules.
  • A Service Order Form (SOF) Tool to support order processing internally.
  • Engineering zone functionality for technical managers and engineers that enables planning, maintenance, inventory, and updating of the equipment installed on the tower.
  • A module for interaction between the site owner and the company’s clients. This module includes telecommunications site data and allows for auditing.
  • The user interfaces were designed by AIS UI/UX designers.
  • A role-based access that delineates the responsibility areas for each user and enables the control of access to sensitive data according to the requirements.
  • A full update of the backend to a new stack with the use of the Nest.js and TypeORM technologies, and PostgreSQL as the database management system.
  • PACE tasks management logic implementation.


  • TypeScript
  • HTML5
  • SCSS
  • React
  • SQL
  • TypeOrm
  • Nest.js
  • Mongoose
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker
  • Nginx


The Symfa team managed to overcome technical challenges successfully and helped the client achieve their business goals:

  • Reduce manual work by automating corresponding business processes;
  • Avoid keeping all information in the master Microsoft Excel file which used to be subject to update by one person once a week;
  • Avoid information duplication throughout the scope of a project causing plenty of inconveniences.

The project continues with more functional modules coming soon. Providence have already observed the following progress:

  • Speed up of work timelines, including faster launch of new projects;
  • Improved efficiency and work quality, and reduced effort;
  • High-quality organization of like data for more visibility and deeper analytics.

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