Billing Automation for Precise Calculations & Easy Document Management

Minimizing human mistakes when calculating charges
Customer location
Project duration
  • 3 months

Client and Business Goals

Our customer’s mission is to maximally simplify the document management for their clients, with the main focus on online faxing. They offer several SaaS software products available upon paid subscriptions. They had their own automation system, which helped to exclude the dependency on paper in workflow, send and receive faxes online and sign documents in digital.

Having faced the increased demand on their products and challenges related to billing, our client started searching for a solution that would automatically calculate charges, with an eye to different promotions, monthly or yearly payment packages, late payment penalties etc. Initially, they were considering popular out-of-the-box solutions, but in-depth analysis revealed that none of them was able to cover all needed scenarios. This became the reason to look for a reliable software development partner, qualified enough to build a custom billing software solution that would cover all customer needs.

Main criteria of choosing a partner were reliability, strong technical background, business process automation expertise and attention to detail. Symfa is fully empowered with the mentioned qualities, and was selected as a contractor for the project.


We faced numerous technical challenges related to the complexity of the system architecture. We carefully took into consideration variable prices for faxing services in order to charge the users correctly. The final price depends on multiple factors, including the selected payment package, the destination country where a fax is sent to and many others. The customer’s clients could use the service once or purchase one of the offered payment packages set up in Stripe, coming at different prices. Our task was to tune our billing system so that it would sync with and adjust to the changes the customer would make in payment plans, and make calculations respectively.


The developed billing system has a complex architecture. On the basis of Node.js we built the back-end, which automatically makes the calculations in compliance with one of several dozen payment scenarios. To exclude the possibility of miscalculations, we configured smooth interaction between the developed system, Xero, Stripe API, manual received payment data entry and other actions performed by the users.

Work Done

  • Built the billing system from the ground up
  • Integrated the developed system with the customer’s software in use
  • Set up Google Cloud architecture
  • Integrated the solution with Stripe API and Xero
  • Scrupulously tested the system to achieve stable functioning


  • Angular
  • Google Cloud
  • Xero
  • Stripe


In contrast to off-the-shelf billing solutions, even the most complex ones, our custom software solution covers all scenarios required by the customer. Software implementation helped the customer to:

  • Automate the billing process;
  • Alleviate the workload on accounting department;
  • Minimize the risk of human errors.

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